Spectacular 3D Entry: James Kaufeldt


Congratulations, it looks really good! I especially like the glass-like debris right at the point of impact.:thumbsup:


It’s pretty much all been said James, but just to add - Congratulations on finishing off with such a ‘Spectacular’ image and a truly entertaing thread

Great work and the best of Luck to you sir :beer:




Congratulations on such an early finish and you did a great job. I stared at it for quite a while and couldn’t find any glaring errors. You rock man! :applause:


Looks like I’m late with the congrats but, congrats on the finished scene:thumbsup: . I would say it turned out well, but it was always well:p . Good luck on the voting.


Late here as well but it’s a stunning final image! :thumbsup:



i’m following this pic from the first post, and from the beginning i was knowing it will be one of the most spectacular piece of the challenge… I’m happy to see that i was right :bounce:

Congrats man :thumbsup:

anyaway, i’m agree with andy for the lasts crits… :scream: :smiley:


amazing simply amazing… well done . i hope you are proud of that… i certainly would be … gl with the jusging man … wonderful work :slight_smile: !


It’s indeed a spectacular work!

Hope the plane will not reach me.:bounce:


what a big crash James… finally the antonypopof reach the ground… heee bridge… :thumbsup: congrats !


professionnal work for amaizing result!


Her we are, master !
You’ve done an amazing job, again !
Great ! :thumbsup: :bowdown:


perfect!!! from the beginning just perfect image!!! im imprest!!! from the beginning just perfect image!!!


Outstanding work and a great final image :cool: to be honest the only thing I don’t like is the white frame, outer than that :buttrock::bounce::bounce::bounce::bounce::bounce::thumbsup:


That’s absolutely brilliant! Congratulations

I love your work… and I do like the white frame. :slight_smile:

Top Stuff!


Just in to say thanks for the latest comments, much appreciated.

And thus beginneth the waiting game :scream:



Alsome image man! Congratulations on your final. Your entry’s being great from the start and you’ve put a lot of motion into this one, great worka nd best of luck!!


Truky impressive and spectacular work, you’ve done it right! :thumbsup: great stuff! so good luck for the judging man :slight_smile: :applause:


cool final…i can feel the speed and danger…good work:thumbsup:


Hi James,

…so that`s what I call spectacular!!! Great image… you got my vote :thumbsup:


gooood workss :thumbsup: