Spectacular 3D Entry: James Kaufeldt


“BIG” James Kaufeldt is done with your work! :bounce:

I see there winning image, everything in it is fantastic , planes, cars, bridge, human,… just everything. You put hot meal to judging, good luck! :applause:



Hi James! Very impressive job, that’s sure! :applause: In my opinion it is too complex, maybe…less would be more, but irrespectively of this it is truly awesome. :smiley: Good luck with the judging! :thumbsup:


Andy H - Yeah, tell me about it… :smiley:

eddie, rawwad, sgabe - Thanks a lot guys, glad you like it :thumbsup:

ahem There were a few more things… some minor details that have been bugging me for the past few days, so I’ve actually rendered an additional pass to fix those issues. Will upload a new final and zipped TIF in a few minutes.

The things that annoyed me like a small grain of sand in the eye were the following:

  • The tires on the closest car to the left were perfectly smooth. No tread pattern or whatever it’s called… didn’t think it mattered before, but I finally decided it needed to be fixed.

  • The rightmost jet engine looked off somehow… slightly weird lightning and a flat sort of smoothness.

  • The smoke at the very top of the image had a subtle greenish tint, which I didn’t like.

So I’ve rendered a new set of tires and a new rightmost engine. Still the same models of course, but with some small changes. And just for the hell of it I rendered it with FR stage 2 instead of AR. Then I made a masked colourbalance adjustment layer to change the tint of the smoke: up on the yellow and magenta to escape the green and get something more towards reddish-bright yellow.

Thusly, a new final (the really-finally-final :rolleyes: ) coming up below, and to be on the safe side I’ll copy/paste the story in there as well, so if you’ve already read it there’s no point doing it again, because it’s exactly the same.




For the record - the story copy-pasted again:

[I]"It was just another late sunday afternoon, and I was on my way back home from a photoshoot. I had only been driving on the bridge for some thirdy seconds or so when I saw this huge cargo jet hit the tower on the other side.

I slammed on the brakes and just froze. Couldn’t believe what I saw. Didn’t know what to do at first, so I ended up just standing parked there. The plane dropped really fast and came sliding towards my end of the bridge.

It was totally surreal, seeing it plow through all those cars like a giant lawnmower while the bridge collapsed behind it, bit by bit. For some reason I got the impulse to grab one of my cameras from the passenger seat, then I stepped out of the car. Any moderately sane person would of course have tried to make a 180 and drive the hell away from there, but not me… I was only glad I had a long lens, and basically just started firing away.

This picture was the very last shot. The wreck had just come to a full stop, and a fraction of a second later the wires around it snapped all at once and the whole thing fell straight down and disappeared.

The guy that came running towards me barely made it. We’ve met a few times since, just for a beer or two.

Nothing scares him anymore."[/I]



ahh! I don’t know that you post the final image! great image for sure! and absolutely spectacular! something that I feel strange is the white frame on top and bottom , I think it distract the image , but maybe it’s for me only , anyway very good job!


Glad you like it monsitj - and I know the white framing is subject to various opinions, but I guess it’s a personal thing. Anyway, this is hopefully really the final version, unless something else starts to annoy me later on :smiley: But I’ve started on a new project since a few days back, so with a bit of luck I will not pay anymore attention to this particular image again.



Hey dude I’m back again to congratulate you for your awesome final image:applause: Great job:thumbsup: .


Fantastic Work, James. :thumbsup:


Hello James,
Your work is more then everything already said about it… so, I’m not going to add a word to it.
The only thing I think it could be a plus, if that’s possible, is to rotate the all image a bit, 5 or 10 degrees, just to give the sense that this is being captured by a scared person and that he’s not in a safe position… I dont know if I explained myself very well, but that’s it.


Nice finish James good luck with your image!:thumbsup:


great scene good luck


Great final image. Top notch work. Glad you could finish this one, end result looks ace :smiley:

Hope the passangers seat trays were in upright positions :stuck_out_tongue:


Nice final image. Very dynamic. The only thing i can crit is that I think it would look better if you croppe out the smoke and tail at the top in your final image. I think cropping it out would give it a stronger cinematic quality. Looks great though, lots of nice details.


So you meant to get rid of the white border on the left side?.. the car poppin out was just plain great in my opinion. Still a grade-A image though :). Turned out phenomenal.

Any chance we’ll get to peak at the hi-res version? (if you already put it somewhere and I missed it, sorry).


Thanks again guys :beer:

As far as high-res goes, I’ve got this little collage of cut-outs from the full resolution TIF:



…clean up your desk…make some space…:cool:


Excellent stuff - looks really cool on those closeups.

I know its the final image, but a coupla things that bug me and i dont know if theyre intentional or not:
The vertical bridge cable on the right of the image cuts off the sky and has a white background showing through the cable gaps.
Also, given the fact that the plane’s tail is creeping out of the white frame, i think it would be natural to have the main bridge beam on the right continue off the top of the image, rather than cutting off like that.
Dont know if your willing to make any more changes now, but its only a minor thing.
Great final image - very action packed and exciting, and all that debris around the impact and dust really makes it.

Spiffing job :thumbsup:

EDIT - ive just read your previous posts - DONT KILL ME! I realise how annoying it is making several ‘final’ images, only to have some cheeky git still pick flies with it :stuck_out_tongue:

It is finished!


Dimi - lol

Andy - Aaaaaaaaaaaaaah! :scream: :smiley: Too late with the don’t-kill-me-bit I’m afraid, I’ve already dispatched a squadron of killer nanoBots over to your place. They move slowly though, so I’m fairly certain you (and all of us) will die from old age before they even get half way across the sea. They never quite told me this when I bought them. Been thinking about claiming a refund.



The image is excelent One of the best in here!!
but… look at the right top corner of the final image The space between last bringe line and image border the space there is white - no sky dust all cut away . Is this an error in image’s sent composition or it was ment to be that way!?


really really good