Spectacular 3D Entry: James Kaufeldt


Excellent work mate! Very impressive and professional!:thumbsup:
Only one thing seems to me quite strange: the smoke over the plane. I think it could need more dynamic, it is too…sticky, too static like if the plane burning without moving. Or maybe too much smoke… I don’t really know exactly.It is just an idea, and not really a crit:scream: cause your work is very impressive.
and good job again


Hey, you worked more on it afterall!

Heh, good job!



Great, simply great !


Congratulation James,another great entry! not less than a masterpiece!:thumbsup: i have too many things to do yet!:Dthx for dropping by…


Just a quick thanks to y’all :bowdown:

About the white framing… yeah, I realise it’s potentially a bold move and that some will have issues with it, and that’s totally cool of course - just comes down to personal tastes and so forth.

It’s like when you’re going out for dinner and your significant other says “Are you going to wear that shirt?” You have to make a choice at that point - either change to another shirt or proudly keep it on :smiley:

The bottom line would be that I’ve tried a straight crop too, but I just thought it looked bland and less interesting than the admittedly somewhat unorthodox solution I’ve got now with the pop-outs on white… Soooooo, I’ll take my chances and keep it the way I prefer it.

Anyways, thanks again, and good luck finishing up your respective entries!



hiya JamesMK

congrats on finishing one of the most complex scenes so quickly and its looking superb!
cheers mate! and goodluck!


Wonderful James! If this doesn’t rank very very high in the final results, I will be stunned to say the least. Very nice dynamic, clean work. Those flames look awesome!


very impressive picture


it’s in the good way :slight_smile: very good ! perhaps can you put more motion blur on the smoke ?
As well, it’s one of the best picture of the challenge :thumbsup:


Congratulations :applause: :applause: :applause: Really spectacular.

peace, peate


well done this is awesome:thumbsup:


:bowdown: :bowdown: :bowdown:

Absolutely brilliant… thats all i have to say… thanks for the composition tut by the way…

Good luck with the challenge James


WoW James, this entry came out just perfect, im not really surprised , i know youre a very good artist , you always give good advice to us and u also know how to make yours a real masterpiece, James i send u my respect , be sure u have a great picture here… cu man!


Awesome, Excellent, Fantastic, and I’m speechless:bowdown: Finally its done.
Great job dude You have been working hard and the results are awesome , everything looks perfect in your scene . Good luck and :beer: dude. Keep rocking:)


:argh: Wooh wooh

fantastic detail! :banghead:



Oh Yeah!!

Very fu***** good result!
Love the story aswell,.


Hi James,

I´m currently fixing up the last things on my work… but after watching your final the 10´th time i have to say that this is realy awesome spectacular Action!:thumbsup: Thumbs up my Friend!

I think you dit it this time… i knew the idea with an airplane crashing somewhere is not new and some People may thing that´s maybe a bit political uncorrect. But you realiced this idea realy well!!

there is only one small thing that i don´t like. With all the smoke on the Background you can´t see which Bridge the plane is crashing on… But the rest is AWESOME!

I whish you good luck with the judges my Friend!
Let´s SPECTACULAR :wink:

Cheers :beer: Alex


Thanks again for the recent comments, y’all :beer:

Now I’ve relaxed a bit, and when I looked at the image again this morning I decided that it’s somewhat OK. Ironically enough, it seems that I could have made it a bit better if I had worked faster. General boredom has a great impact on me, and that’s why a speedy execution is really important… That’s in fact what made me pull out of the previous M&S challenge - didn’t get results fast enough to maintain interest I guess. So even though I managed to finish this one rather quickly, I should be able to speed up even more next time :stuck_out_tongue:

And again, wish you all good luck with your final renders, and that you’ll find good work-arounds in case your software decides to act up and go all nasty on your asses.

If you’re a Cinema 4D user and get into trouble, drop me a PM and I’ll do my best to help.



Well done on finishing your entry. It still has a few things on it i would alter, but i guess i have a slightly different vision of what this particular plane crash would be like!
Anyhow - i think it looks great, and its only because ive seen it so much that im being a bit picky. I know exactly how you feel about getting fed up with working on a single image for so long. I think its about time i wrapped up my entry soon too!

Congrats on finishing, and best of luck with the (eventual) judging!


hey mate, well done on fishing your entry :applause: and at such a high standard too :thumbsup: