Spectacular 3D Entry: James Kaufeldt


Thanks a lot for the latest comments guys (and girlz0rs)!

Anyway, I’ve added the finishing touches now, and I’m going to upload the finals in a couple of minutes, including the story and title. Some of your suggestions have been implemented, some have not. There’s obviously things that could be tweaked further, but then again I could theoretically continue tweaking until the end of time too - there’s always something to improve upon. But this has to stop :smiley:

Spending almost three months on a single stillframe is slightly more than I can endure :smiley: and I really REALLY feel like moving on to another project I’ve got in mind, so I’ve made up my mind and I’m going to call it a day as far as my spectacular entry goes. On another note, it also feels like I’ve reached the point where further tweaks might potentially do more damage than good, and that fact also constitutes a good reason to put it to rest.

In summary, just like in the previous challenges, I’ve learned heaps while working on this. My main desire was to get comfortable with complex layering and compositing, and I can safely say that most of the mysteries have been transformed into knowledge, so: mission accomplished.

Finally, I’d like to express my deepest gratitude to all those who have posted comments and crits in this thread! Invaluable points across the board, as always. :thumbsup:

Update below: Final image and story. The only changes from RC 6 are some tweaks on the blur of the car to the left, and the addition of 200.000 small pieces of zoomblurred glass, emerging from the area around the airplane nose


[I]"It was just another late sunday afternoon, and I was on my way back home from a photoshoot. I had only been driving on the bridge for some thirdy seconds or so when I saw this huge cargo jet hit the tower on the other side.

I slammed on the brakes and just froze. Couldn’t believe what I saw. Didn’t know what to do at first, so I ended up just standing parked there. The plane dropped really fast and came sliding towards my end of the bridge.

It was totally surreal, seeing it plow through all those cars like a giant lawnmower while the bridge collapsed behind it, bit by bit. For some reason I got the impulse to grab one of my cameras from the passenger seat, then I stepped out of the car. Any moderately sane person would of course have tried to make a 180 and drive the hell away from there, but not me… I was only glad I had a long lens, and basically just started firing away.

This picture was the very last shot. The wreck had just come to a full stop, and a fraction of a second later the wires around it snapped all at once and the whole thing fell straight down and disappeared.

The guy that came running towards me barely made it. We’ve met a few times since, just for a beer or two.

Nothing scares him anymore."[/I]



congrats man
awsome image, and I also like the title :twisted:

some nice finder details ya added
I’d say this has a pretty safe spot somewhere in the top 8 :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup:

any chance we see the full-res version ? :wink:


Yeah…final IMage…wabbit finished it…:bounce:

:bounce: HOOoooRRRrrrraaaayyyYYYY :bounce:.

:thumbsup: Jolly Good Job James my boy …Jolly good. (U like my Engrish accent…? :scream:)


Hi I just checked throu your entire project and, man you kick ass.
the only thing that comes to mind is that the top right bridge extension is just cut short in a way that feels, i dont know, a bit to soon maybe because you have the tail sticking above the sky background and the bridge road feels closer but the extension is just cut. I dont know if you know what i mean or if its on purpose but i just thought.
Really great work, your a winner. GL//Per


Amazing work!!! :bounce:Just awesome stuff…it’s been cool to see this develop. :thumbsup: Only one comment, are you going to keep the white border? It looks like the image would be better cropped, but that’s just my humble opinion. :slight_smile: Best of luck in the competition, this is really fabulous work!!! :applause:

Cheers, :slight_smile:



I can imagine that at this point your about tweaked out. I’m begining to become so myself. But all tireless hours of toiling aside, you’ve created something pretty spectacular here man. The first time I saw the plane model all bent out of shape, I figured this would turn out pretty nice. Great Job man. You deserve a big bowing yellow smiley face.:bowdown:



Oh yeah - that cascade of glass really made it!

Congrats for finishing such an award-deserving piece, remarkable work right from the start.
Can’t decide wether to call it spiffy or Yoinks, so I go with both :D:thumbsup:


Well congratulations James for this spectacular kickbutt picture :

“Your challenge is to conceive and create an image that could potentially become part of future history as one of those iconic spectacular images that grasps viewers by the throat; that quickens the pulse; that excites and scares at the same time.”

Hmmm I think we are there…:eek: :applause: :bowdown:
And thx a bunch for all the tips you gave during all the challenge , I have learn a lot because of you…

Can we vote already ? :smiley:


hi james, Great job on the final image and the story. really amazing and ispiring work :smiley:
lycka till james, håller tummarna :smiley:


Congrats James for a damn good spectacular job :applause: :applause:

And your photographer can already feel the Pullitzer coming. :wink:


:applause: yep contest like this one can permit to explore new area and learn something that normally we can do… if your mission is accomplished you did a personal excellent work…


:scream::scream: …Gunilla u rock …hihihihi.:bounce:


all i can say about this scene is…man im glad i changed the concept…cause this is…:eek: :thumbsup:


gobsmackingly awesome work James! big massive congrats from me. It’s really a very spectacular image, and it’s been extremely fun and a great learning experience watching this evolve. You’re very clever, and I wish your entry good luck!

and I LOVE the story…quite funny! ‘Fashion photographer hits paydirt!!’


Congratulations for a job well done :arteest: You deserve them :bounce:

I still have tons of work to do for mine :cry:


you did it… :bounce: well too… really well… really really well… really really really good… :applause:
många rosa wabbit-really blir de, fast det inte är fredag… :stuck_out_tongue:

good luck :thumbsup:


SO it’s finished :sad:
Well it’s time for congratulations. One of the most intersting thread of this challenge.
COncerning your picture I think it will be the one with the more sensation of power/strength.
Great details…Cool story.
I think you are one of the favorite. Surely in the top3.


congratulations on the final man! with 3 weeks left to spare ;p

just a question on the crop and the white borders top and right - is that intentional?


For all of the above and for all that led up to it’s completion I tip my hat to you good sir…

Congratulations James for a battle sooo well fought and a solid victory with the media.

I will pray this night to the judging gods that they will present you with some fine technology for your toil…

Rock on into legenddom mate:buttrock: This is real ‘point of no return’ stuff to me:scream::wise::cry: