Spectacular 3D Entry: James Kaufeldt


you’re gonna hate me… although I know you always have… bastard :smiley: buuuuuuuut IMO it still needs some more action add some more debree, break a window :smiley: etc, maybe tilt the camera a bit too.


He’s back ladies and gentlemen!
Hows life in NZ?


Just awesome.


blasti it all to smithereens…mwahahahaha no crits…just lovin it:D


no I’m not, well not quite, and it’s Germany again


James …U see the Pig is back in Germany and when he got a grip of an internet line …he came to make your life…more…spiffy :scream: :scream:

Hi Pig :bounce:




Howzit Greek :smiley:


james are you still alive :wip:


:curious: I must agree with flyingP, the image is too “frozen”, not enought things are in fast movment. IMO you need some things like a breaking glass explosion, a bigger element catapulted on forground and going close to the camera… etc


Dudez0rs! Yeah, I’m still alive and all that, just somewhat busy with a couple of boring jobs that never seem to be quite finished. I did manage to do a bit further work on this entry yesterday, and I’ll hopefully get some time to prepare some images for an update later today.

Good crits from the lot of you, and I’ll implement some of the suggested tweaks soonish.

Laters :beer:



So, I’ve made some more flying dirt.

The basic plan here was to make some stuff being torn up from the road as the nose of the plane plows through it.

Had some initial problems finding the best method. I knew exactly how I wanted it to look, but it took me a while to figure out how to go about it.

At first I tried hard pyrocluster particles in a system with around 5000 particles. Looked like crap. Even at 10000 particles it still looked like crap, so I abandoned that idea.

Then I tried sweeps and textures, just the same method you’d use to make hair on a character. It looked slightly better, but not quite good enough, so I scrapped that idea too.

Eventually I made it with metaball particles. To get rid of the annoying soft “metaball look” I converted the result to an editable mesh and optimised the hell out of it, shaving 90% of the polygons off, and switched off the phong smoothing, which gave me a very hard and edgy look - just what I wanted.

The rest was just down to post-processing to get the right contrast and colour.

Release candidate 0006 coming up below in a minute…


Aside from adding the roadsurface debris described in the previous post, I’ve made the following changes:

  • Rendered a new section of the bit of road in the lower left corner. The same model was used, but I added some displacement to it and comped it over the original at 50% opacity. This was to make it seem less stable and sort of not entirely locked in position.

  • Added some more and even darker smoke in the middle-upper right part of the image. It’s the same smoke layer I used before, but I rotated it a bit, masked it differently and fiddled around with levels and colours… and I added some motionblurred noise into it as well to make it more grainy.

  • Overall colour corrections, mostly adding some more blue to balance out the yellow a bit, mainly to revert the whole image to a more neutral appearance.

Still a few more things I’d like to add, but it will be yet another few days until I’ve got time to work on this thing again.


DAMN! …I have nothing to say,

am trying to think of words to justify your work, but none come to mind. ,:applause: ,
Congrats man .


oh yes!! IT looks amazing james . Really hit the spot with this one . now it really binds the plane with the ground .just a thought maybe motion blur the center car’s edges with a radial blur to show the car streched and pushed by the plane and bind the two effects together. fy fan det ser bra nu !! kör hårt james


Well - I’ve said: “Wow, now this is perfect!” so many times now so I wont say it again :slight_smile:

But I appreciate the clever way of making flying dirt, looks really good!

Looking forward to the next steps of splendidness. :thumbsup:


No crits, I simply love your scene dude, looks awesome:thumbsup: waiting for your next step:bounce:


somebody goes to gain a new computer… hehehehe


Lookin absolutely wonderful! :slight_smile:

You’re planning on adding some sky into the top right there, right? In between those bridge support cables and stuff…

Oh, and did you scrap the white border on all 4 sides idea?, with the car flyin out of it? I really liked that!

Other than that… excellent :slight_smile:


Wow! this looking fantastic!:scream: But the car in the left foreground looks like it was shot out of a cannon, it would be better if it was flipping, so maby add some roll to it.