Spectacular 3D Entry: James Kaufeldt


Oouch ! Impressive man as always :cry:




i really think you should have no white borders OR with white borders on both side but this doesn’t work… ( i prefer without white borders, just my 2$ )


motionblur the headlights :wink:


That looks brilliant.Your final is going to look awesome.


All the mood, and effects are extraordinary… fantastic, on thing is sure, you’re near to the end… very spectacular… just a last comment… a detail which disturb me more now, I don’t see it before…
…the car just under the plane’s nose… seem deformed, sure, but smooth deformed… not like a real car in metal… but like a rubber car… but maybe I do a mistake… sometimes, my eyes are strange… maybe it’s only due to the texture, or material…

In any case, your work on this picture is really “spectacular” really “pro”, really “hollywood” :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup:


I think the latest version is the best imho . great job James. it looks amazing James. The job you put in this work really paid off

samma här


nice work buddy.but i think a slight tilt in the camera angle would give the scene a good look.

i want u 2 visit my thread 2 and give some c&c on my work.:bounce: :bounce: :bounce:


Nice man!
(id change the color on the beamer but…)



That’s the best 3D entry I’ve seen in this challenge :eek:


Well. Going fast on felicitations, congrats…You’re definitively one of the favorites.
For me, regarding to the last picture you post, there are 2 little things that would “hurt” me.
1st the motion blur of the reactor which doesn’t seem t be in the sense of his move (but oyou have already reduce it and it is better).
2nd and what is most important I think, you got so much great textures everywhere (great on reactor expecially) but there is something which looks like phong which is the car which is completely destroyed at the center of the picture. Adding some dust or colors and you’ll got the perfect picture.

Oh and I love the risk to cut the picture but let the smoke continue out of the border. :thumbsup:


Nice …i like it better than #2 :scream: …really spectacular work u nuts!..Mtion Blur just a bit needs tweaking me things…but maybe that is just me…So…is there a #4 test too…is it over soon for ya?..gasp…i have to run…:bounce:


Agree with Dimi… the #3 is particulary “hot”… good for the spectacular… Hot Stuff mate :thumbsup:


Ive been pretty quiet of late cos i like the way this is going, but being as you mentioned that you almost at the final image, i thought id give some tough crits if its ok…

The explosion and smoke on the plane make it look like its at rest and smouldering. Maybe add blacker, thicker, more billowing smoke forming a trail where it was flying, add violent, sparking explosions rather than a few gentle flames, and add more debris and dust where it is ploughing into the bridge.

That car in the foreground looks like its doing a dukes of hazzard style jump! The motion blur is probably responsible for this. Maybe roll the angle of the car a bit and add some debris under it to make it look like its being lifted from the impact.

The cracks in the road look a little static at the moment. Some extra chunks of tarmac and debris in the foreground would make it look more kinetic and destructive.

In general, i think you need more things ‘frozen’ in time. The whole thing looks a bit static at the moment, with the running man being the only thing that really conveys movement. Everything else looks stationary, but with motion blur added. My entry suffers from the same problem at the moment!

Hope you dont think im an arse for being that picky, but i just want it to be as good as possible - you have a good chance of making it in this comp!


Looks good :thumbsup:


I really admire the skill and talent that’s gone into detailing this piece but I have to admit I really loved the overall feel of the version you did a while back with the radial zoom that blew out all the detail. Or maybe it was the guy in the center that seemed to give that version a more energetic feel.
Still, very impressive


amazing work…
on this last image… I think the street color is tooo yelow…
and I think the car need some explosion… or fire… something not to distracting
well… is my opinion
I saw all 68 pages… and this is realy a winner work




Bit busy again, but I just thought I’d pop in to say thanks for the latest comments and crits. I’ll try to take care of all the tweaks pointed out (nope Andy, I certainly don’t think you’re an arse :smiley: ) - all good points across the board, and hopefully I’ll be able to find some energy to fix those last bits before the deadline.

Catch’y’all laters peeps :thumbsup:



Waouuuw, James, long time i’ve didn’t post here, and what an update, man you’re almost finished, i don’t read all(-sorry so many post!), but i’m agree with Andy for some point, the car on the foreground jumping really strange, and for me the black car near the plane must be lift by behind. Perhaps the reactor can be more near the camera, more big, coming to us… :shrug:
Adding some part of road, rock or debris and i don’t know if you’ll plan to make a city in the background, perhaps just a little lost in the fog.
And the characters, perhaps he can run prepared to jump out of the bridge. :arteest:

Just my 2cent… :blush:

I think it doesn’t miss a lot to be (for me) the most spectacular entry. The concept is really good, the technics is amazing, waiting to see more update. Keep this way my friend… your work is an exemple for many of us. :beer:

PS: I don’t know if already ask, but for me this white band, on top, bottom and right, “destabilize” me, hard to judge.


I love this picture.