Spectacular 3D Entry: James Kaufeldt


I have to agree :wink:


Great image. It is always diificult to capture motion in a still image but this has done it. You can feel the tension in the bridge decking as it strains against the impact forces. That poor little man is done for :slight_smile: Good stuff.


great stuff James- such an impressive thread this has been. you’re a legend!


wohohw! look at that! great joob! congrats,to just reaching the rendering and post fx milestones! thats a dream for me now!:thumbsup:


jddog - Thanx0rs, dude

Momentum - Interesting observation about the camera aperture… However, changing that would set me back several weeks, since I would have to rerender the principal passes… and I have no intention of doing that :smiley: Seriously though, my personal “challenge within the challenge” here has been to move the workload to the compositing side of things - thus doing as few renders as possible and solve everything else in post. Unfortunately, changing the camera properties doesn’t fit into that equation at this point (at least not while preserving enough quality for a still image). The lighting is another story, and I agree with your observations - changes have been made, hopefully for the better.

nemirc - See above :smiley:

Novocaine - Thanks for those words

shakes - :blush:

Madlight_1988 - Plenty of time to go - you’ll get there soon enough, man :thumbsup:

Current status:

1 - Really sorry about my general absense lately. I’ve been swamped with a lot of other crap, so I haven’t really gotten around to check any threads… including mine…

2 - This planecrash project has been going on faaaaar too long now. I’m really sick of it, so I’m going to finish it up as fast as possible in order to move on to something else.

3 - Updates below:



Lights pass for car head- and tallights.

This is simply visible omnis with some lens effects placed just in front of the carlight objects. I switched off everything that was not directly affected by these lights, and slapped pitch black shaders on the rest, except for the lamp glass and reflectors.

Although you can’t actually see it in this image, it’s two passes in one here: the visible lights and reflections etcetera in one, and the lens effect (beams and glows) in another.


Current state of the composite.

Changes since the last time:

  • Tightened up the directionality of the lighting some more (once again aided by the X-vector pass… it’s turned out to be more useful than I expected)

  • Various colour corrections and similar tweaks

  • Decreased the motionblur on the cars and engine to the left

  • Added some more, darker smoke

  • Added the head- and taillight pass (as shown in the previous update)

This is the first release candidate. There’s still a few things I might like to tweak a bit more, but the image is more or less finished.

I’ve decided not to add any more debris, as the overall impression is rather busy already.



It’s been too long since I have checked your thread, your going crazy over here! Definitely looking spectacular to me :wink: The only tiny thing I can see… maybe the road texture looks a bit strange at the front there? Though it is possible just the yellow ambient making it look a little unnatural (seems kinda… clouds, noise or something)… Just my thought :slight_smile:


I think that the texture on the rear end of the car that is getting crushed under the nose of the plane needs work. It looks too cg. Also, I think the man running could have a little more detail on his pants (I think there would be some more folds in the cloth from the bending leg). These are small matters but hey, that’s what we post wips for crits for right?


Hej James , The pricture is looking better and better. about the lights in the cars i think there are too bright for a day scene. Keep it up james . kör hårt


wow looks spectacular!:applause::applause::applause: :applause:


Yeah, great work :thumbsup:

The bmw seems to be under the fired flying engine, but reflect a normal sunny light, and looks a bit out of the rest of the picture i think (i hope you see what i mean)

You’re right to not put more details withs debris, but i think some small sparks should be fine, maybe on the crushed car on the center, or on the side of the plane …Something to test :thumbsup:

Keep it up, we can now imagine what the final picture will be, and it can only be great :bounce:


nice energy man makes me wish i could be doing 3d for this
only thing is I hope you are not keeping that white border that the car is flying out of it makes it will look unfinished .

good job


looking great mate!:thumbsup:


The thing is just getting the sharper edge as time goes.
Nothing to say except,the man,runing guy,I think,in souch impact,and,taking the fact that this
goes on on a hangin bridge,this guy would probabaly be fluyng trough A I R rather than running arround.
Beside this little thingie,PERFECTUM perfectare perfecterorrum.:slight_smile:


James James James… Love it! Killer update mate;) Love the flames and the smoke… Bear with me… I may have looked at it too long… I think you could exaggerate the flames on the engine on the left a little more maybe… Possibly even give it a trail leading to the impact ie engine went boom before plane did… This could add to the motion more… I looked at it for a while and then pasted it into potatoshop, desaturated it and noticed that the plane body, midground, and backgroung have similar value… May I suggest possibly darkening the body of the plane a few shades so that it jumps out a little more from its surroundings? Also, I agree with the crow that we Tommy could do with a flying lesson… Launch the little bugger :stuck_out_tongue:


alfy - Thanks, and you’re right about the yellow ambience on the road there… I’ve tweaked it a bit now.

gardogg - Yeah, small matters, but good points anyway. Even so, I’ll probably leave it as is :smiley:

Agamemnwn - Goody, and I was leaning towards the lights being too bright as well. I’ve darkened that layer a little bit now.

jdsb - Thanx, sounds good.

Goul - The engine is actually somewhere between the closest car and the black bmw, so that’s why it’s not seen in any reflections. But it’s hard to read the overall overall, due to the very long lens, so I can see why you made that observation.

lynch - Thanks, and good point too. I’ve removed the white border on the left now, and it does look better (I’ll still keep the top, bottom and right borders as they are)

rattlesnake - Thanx0rs

AIR - Ah, the old flying dude trick :smiley: It’s a good idea, but it’s too late to change that now. I’m way beyond bored with this image now, so I just want to wrap it up and move on to something else.

DaddyMack - Good points, Dad. I’ve boosted some flames and darkened the fuselage a bit now. And as much as I’d love to fling ol’ Tom a few feet up in the air, it’s too late.

Update below:


This is release candidate #3 (yep, never uploaded #2).

Many small tweaks, no major tweaks.



Yep - that pretty much nails it I think :thumbsup:

Looking at it, it strucks me how strangely decorative it is even if the topic is horrifying … the the reflections, curves, flying things makes it really spectacular. Well done!

Skulle tro att du får ett “riktigt” pris för den här, jag håller tummarna :slight_smile:


so this is the image after all work :bounce: impressive indeed… but when I look at it, I get a felling that something is missing, but can´t say what… :blush: so I shut up and wish you good luck instead… :thumbsup: snyggt jobbat…