Spectacular 3D Entry: James Kaufeldt


damn that stuff kicks ass. this time you overtrown everything, and i know 1 thing 4 sure, i won’t take wabbit airlines when i next time fly somewhere, i could clearly make out a fluffy pink wabbit in that cockpit that had an evil nasty grin on his face :argh:
what can i say, awesome work, nothing to add, kickin’ ass royally! :buttrock::wip::beer:


Looking very good with all the changes and all.Great work.


your work is looking very good to me, but imo if you will change the lighting into a night scene this will be mutch more spectacular… :curious: :wink: because then you can have mutch more contrast between the main elememts and you can point out the element you want to show… addtionally you can have a stronge contrast of the colors, when you use cold blue colors for the background and warm red orange for the others.
but anyway the picture is even very good, i told you…


this image is just super cool…i really love it…and i have really enjoyed the way you have composited it together…the dirty smoke effects are awsome…the only thing i dont really like is the motion blur on the left side engine it just pulls too much attention to itself for me…but hey your the boss…

really great workwe…i hope you do very ll in the comp…


Oh yes! Dirty sky and flying dust made a big difference!

Hang in there - each tweak brings you closer, great work … make me think it’s almost time for an award of some kind :twisted:


Everything in your scene is going in a nice way, smoke now looks real cool and natural. Reflections on the car looks great:) Great update keep going dude:bounce:


Crying Horn - Yeah, I guess maybe he’s a bit confused :smiley:

3rd User - Nah, not quite, still more things to do. But the changes are smaller and smaller with each increment.

visualact - lol, yeah, I’m pretty easy to kill too, so I don’t think it would be that much of a problem

yunisirees - Thanks man

1stAngel - Hm, note to self: add pink bunny in cockpit

SONIC-X - Thanks, it’s slowly getting there

mac_andre - I see your point, I did however decide to stick to daylight, mainly to challenge myself… it would certainly be easier to make it look cool in a darker shot. I have some ideas on how to increase the contrast a little more though, while keeping the daylight. We’ll see later on

takshaka - Thanks, and I’ll see what I can do about the stray engine

Gunilla - :scream: Noooooooooooooooo

madshooter - Thanxors… slowly but surely… and all that

Current status - Hm… not much. Doing some laundry today actually.



Since I had lost some contrast along the way…

The running guy looked a bit off in terms of integrating with the overall lighting (mostly overlit due to the luminance in the original skinshader), and parts of the fuselage was a bit too bright, which of course made the fire look slightly too pale (you really need some darker shadows to make fire stand out properly)

So - what I’ve done here is to reuse the old X-vector pass (if you remember that one from a couple of updates back). It’s white where surfaces are facing the positive X-axis of the stage - which also happens to be the general direction of where the sun was placed in the original light passes.

The X-vector pass was copied, colourized with a slight red/pink tint, masked with the old buffers to affect only the fuselage and the running guy, and added to the composite with 60% opacity in soft light mode.

Result - added contrast, better looking fire, more of an integrated feel on the running dude. I also used one of my object buffers to mask out some added white light on the dude’s shirt, which accidently has gradually turned more or less black over the last few tweaks…


It looks awesome ,congrats.


Hi james, great updates.i was thinking about the motion blur on the front car and bmw . i think it looks too much looks strange in my eyes. Maybe getting it down a little bit and using the DOF To blur the more the front car as it moves away from the picture?.

Something else about the plane are u planning on making some effects on the contact of the plane with th bridge to simulate (lawn moter) movement along the bridges length? Saying this the scene looks really good. :buttrock::thumbsup: kör hårt lilla kaninen :smiley:


SONIC - Good to hear that

Agamemnwn - M’yeps, I might try to reduce that moblur a bit. As far as contact effects on the asphalt goes, I’ve had it planned for quite some time, but currently I’m no longer sure if I’ll be able to cram it in there. It’s pretty busy around that area already :shrug: But I guess I’ll do some tests at least… and see how it turns out.


>yup that is much better…take care that left turbine blur effect …it kinda reads wierd motion blur effect in my eyes …but then again…i wear glasses… :smiley: …i hate u fluffy bastard… :beer:


skraaahhh boom irk shreeeaaak* pow knak & gnissel testing soundeffects… :stuck_out_tongue:

[size=2]the thing that comes to my mind is, the smoke behind the plane is a bit to light… I know the image probaly looks better this way :rolleyes:

when I saw the plane went down at the airport… It was a looot of really heavy black smoke in just matter of seconds… a lot of plastic and rubber that burns on a plane… that wy I think so i guess…[/size]


Looks amazing so far, i just wanted to point out my biggest “issue” with it so far has been the car jumping on the left side of the scene, it just doesn’t look rite to me. I would have it in a more angled way like the scene from independence day, where cars where flying through the air. So it would look that this car was hit on impact and sligshot twards the camera viewport. There i said it. :slight_smile: You may kill me now :scream:


Hey man,

looking awesome, been a while I saw something from you, but this is just what I was expecting to see when I cliked on your thread!

Keep it up, and good luck man!


Your on a roll there James. Nice stuff.

You were explaining your latest update, what is the “old buffer” your talking about? Your old passes?

Anyway, great stuff. Your really setting the bar for the rest of us shmucks.:wavey:




man yure doing a great work… this scene is full of complex things , is a very hard task to make a still frame looks as spectacular as yours is…i mean…we can picture an airplane crash secuence as impressive, but show that in a sigle frame sounds imposible, but man youre doing it reallly really nice…youre getting a nice balance in your composition, the motion blur looks perfect, let us see the disaster really well with out losing the “real” look into the picture…i think this needs ome little stones flying in direction to the camera, and maybe some ashes…amazing work sir!:arteest::bowdown:


Dimitris - Aye, I’ll have a look at that blur… even if you wear glasses…

makaron - Might be able to darken the smoke some more

simon.wt - See what you mean, I probably won’t change it though :smiley:

X-WARRIOR - Hi’ya X, thanks, and hmm, does that mean I’m getting predictable?

detached - lol, don’t know about any bar-setting… anyways, yes, the “old buffer” was just one of the passes from the original render session, sorry if that was unclear. I just meant to point out that I didn’t have to rerender anything, but rather used what I already had.

rattlesssnake - Cheers man, rocks/rubble/ashes coming towards the camera is my current sub-project actually. Only fiddled a bit with possible particle setups so far, but nothing conclusive yet. Anyways I agree it would probably add a lot of dynamics, so I’ll certainly make an effort to make it work.

Current status - Busy with a really dull web gig… Catch’yall laters :wavey:



I’m very impressed ! :applause:


Great work mate, only things i can say is maybe change your camera aperture the shot looks a little squashed in distance making it look like a miniture. You could also try to tie your elements together a bit more they look like they are all lit slightly differently which is a shame because your shaders have been awsome way back from your earlier posts! Good stuff!