Spectacular 3D Entry: James Kaufeldt


Splendid update - truly Yoinks!
The fire looks much better now - perhaps some dust coming towards us could add to the danger factor?

Kanon, som vanligt alltså :thumbsup:


I was beginning to lose faith… but here you are again! I dont know if its the focus , the levels , or what… but its looking better than ever!

small thingie: the middle car should have some more glossiness (IMHO)


Wow! Great and spectacular and impressive picture !:bounce:


Amazing update…This is an impressive work and …yeah, it is spectacular:slight_smile: ! Congrats:applause: !



your update is tons better! great improvement on the fire :thumbsup:

the only thing that seems weird to me is the car that’s been hit by the aircraft, i don’t notice any reflection.



nice work man, though I know nothing about 3D… :thumbsup:


Nice update (as usual). What I meant with the smoke is that when planes crash like that, they burn things they usually don’t which usually have a very dark smoke cloud either mixed into the fire itself ( link this), or just a very dark, and a little thick dark grey cloud (like this). I could be wrong though. Just pointing it out. Keep it up:thumbsup: .


64 pages? At some point, you should seriously think about a fan club … :wink:


Thanks for the answer :smiley:
I was begining to feel ignored :cry:


YUP…it’s better…although i would tone a bit down the blur effect … Glad to see more wabbit powa here :bounce:. Have u made any room on your office ? …:slight_smile: …aaaand what will u do with your old pc?..hihihihi


Very cool work !!! :eek:

Just look a bit off the motion blur in the man, because he have more motion blur than the airplane, that was supose to be more fast …

And the flying car in the left side of the image, I think the angle is strange, because to fly like this, it need to be after the crash in the ground, but the airplane isn´t arrive in that position … I don´t know if you undertand what I want to say … heheh … in resume is I think the correct position is with the front part of car, down.


yeah, I agree, the picture is excelent, models, etc. Well some shaders like the one of the white wrecked car seems like it needs reflection, but the only thing I would add is more blur in the plane, I see like blur in the plane but from the side, but it needs some blur to make it appear that its coming forwards fastly and dangerously, right now it looks like it felt down vertically and now its static. Well in my opinion. You could make that person less blurry , like jr.braz says, it looks like the car and the guy are faster than the plane, and , the guy looks as fast as the car. hope this helps :slight_smile:


Fire explosion looks real cool now:thumbsup: One more small suggestion the smoke if you could make it little more dark towards dark grey, along with some white smoke might look cool:)
Great update dude keep going:bounce: :bounce:


looks nearly perfect James, I agree with sergioKomic about the crushed car looking a little flat,
but other than that, WOW!!!


Gunilla - That’s a good idea, I’ll make some tests later on :thumbsup:

sergioKomic - Middle car glossiness has been fixed

agou - Thanx

daWinky - Thanks a lot. Incidently, you’re doing an awesome job yourself!

Job. - Thank you, and yep, the missing reflection has been fixed (update below)

Ranath - Woo, I’m happy to hear that. Particularly if you don’t know anything about 3D, I value your input even more actually.

ace4016 - Good points about the smoke. I’ve tweaked it a bit more now - still not as thick as those refs, but more than before. I did try really dark smoke at some point, but it tends to dominate the scene too much somehow.

3D_Explorer - lol - yeah, membership is entirely free of charge of course

nemirc - Oh no! Can’t have that! :smiley:

Dimitris - rofl

JZ.BRAZ - Interesting points. Not sure I’ll change the blur much though - and I see what you mean about the car on the far left… thing is I’ve already tried other angles for it, and this one turned out to fit better with the overall image than the others, so I guess one could see it as if it had bumped into a displaced bridge segment, and has just gone airborne… or something :smiley:

Bernardo D - Again, good thoughts about the blur. I’ll see if I change any of it later on.

madshooter - I’ve changed the smoke a bit, see below

shakes - Thanx, and I’ve fixed the missing reflections on the crushed car

More tweaks, as mentioned, coming up below:



  • Added some more reflections on the wrecked cars (can’t do much more now as the one in the center is almost white to start with)

  • Some subtle smoke tweaks

  • Added some puffy smoke/dust on the ground by the dude and in front of the wrecked cars behind the black BMW. This was made with a couple of simple volumetric noise renders screened and multiplied into the composite.

  • Overall further colour grading masked with gradients, most notably shifting the upper part of the image towards a more thick and dirty yellow-brownish tone.


Awesome progress, maybe the guy wich is running, looks like he is standing in one place and gamboling, anyway I’ll be waiting for more… good luck


i like this one far more better, Congrats man,you’re pretty much done!:thumbsup:and it’s Wonderful:thumbsup:


i wish i was the one who bring you the xbox to your house then when you come i will kill youuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu :twisted: (scream)



hiya JamesMK
havent been posting for a while! but awsome cool work here! :thumbsup:
cheers man!