Spectacular 3D Entry: James Kaufeldt


Good work :):thumbsup:


now THAT is how u bust a bridge!!! just cut down a lil on the red:thumbsup:


SPECTACULAR! Just one crit, lose the guy running away. Looks pasted on top of the picture and kind of makes the picture look unserious. Also, snap a few of those bridge wires/supports. That would add more dynamism


More and more spectacular:scream:


Add flame being escaped from the hearth of the asphalt. Yes even people it is surely necessary a little more. But in other respects - it is magnificent.


Hello James… your work is nothing more then amazing, but let me tell you that with the suggestion of Dangeruss it could turn out to be a f…ing amazing piece… or pieces! :slight_smile:


exellent explosion. nice update man:scream:


wow… avesome!


i really like the way that all your stuff comes together. and your “how-to’s”
deserve a special award!

only thing that buges me is the explosion. im not shure if that’s a little bit too much (maybe too red)… but then it has to be spectacular, right?



That’s some nice 3ding there. Big updates since I was last here. Looks almost complete! I would probably add more black smoke coming from the visible fire. Um, maybe there could be a few more people in the scene? Just a small suggestion:p . Keep it up:thumbsup: .


OMG, this is spectacular in scale and excellent modeling,texturing,compositing and rendering technique,looking top notch man!!. all the best:eek::eek::eek::eek::buttrock:


hi james, really ur spec look powerfull, great work man keep it up,:applause: :thumbsup:
waiting for more updates:bounce:


Sweet work on a very complex scene! I am mining your thread for all of the little tips and info that you so graciously provide. I look forward to each update. Guess I should get back to work on my own challenge entry instead of making this voodoo doll of you! No matter how many pins I stick in it you don’t seem to slow down or get any less impressive! Just kidding about the voodoo doll. :smiley:


i’m really loving your explanatory wip images James- really interesting and truly breathtaking level of detail!


what can I say , this entry is spectacular hah, anyway I would like to give my opinion, I thing u shall invert the blur efect, making a bit sharper everything that is on the first plane, an making the plane to appear that is moving forward fastly. That would look amazing and dangerous in my opinion :). keep it up


Good progress, hope you get top prize. Good to see a c4d user getting some notice around here.


The flares on the starboard side of plane seems wrong especialy if the plane is still moving with speed and the flames are so big now you can’t see the back part of the bridge.The smoke and fire looks good.


A espetacular idea !


Wow… an Spectacular,Spectacular Work!:thumbsup:


Um… some long overdue replies here:

fgcity - Thanks

agamemnwn - I’ve been doing some adjustments

nemirc - Pffft… still heaps of time left, so I’m sure you’ll make it, no problems

Lemog - Meh :smiley:

visualact.com, david.mig - Thanks

jddog - Sounds good. Have to take a peek soonish…

makaron - Yep, tweaks have been made today

vampeta - Mwaahaah! Nah, we’ll see about that. I have high expectations regarding your entry.

yunisirees - Glad you get that impression

madshooter - Indeed, it has been taken care of

gpepper - Good if it’s helpful

Harry D’Amour - Oh, a fellow Kalmaritian… glad you like it :thumbsup:

Climax - Thanks man. And I guess it is a bit messy - somewhat because of the situation as such being a mess by its very nature… but even so, I have made some subtle changes that might improve the readability a bit

gardogg - See above :smiley:

Digital rebellion, sergage - Thanx

DJ Fleury - Glad you like it. And about the white frame… well, I just like it that way, so I’m afraid it’s going to stay.

Agent orange - Thanks dude

nemirc again -

When you render the hdri and light passes, you use the final shaders or do you use white shaders? For example when you rendered the sunlight. Were the objects with the real shader or something else?
The HDRI pass used plain white materials (but it looks blue because of the HDRI) - The sunlight and the other light passes used the real shaders, but they look rather flat anyway because you only see the diffuse light there, so it does not include reflections and specularity. Sorry about the late reply btw :blush:

imbusion - No, you’re not off at all, it’s exactly what I was thinking when going for the white frame with “pop-outs”

Dangeruss - Neato paintover! No apologies needed, man… I see what you mean, it is however a bit over the top (only my personal point of view of course)

thierry2005 - Almost over… but there’s always room for tweaks

Zapan - thanks, and you’re most welcome

Climax again - I quite agree that often things will fall apart just close to the finishing line. Hopefully I’ll make good tweaks.

cgkiller, -tolga- thanks a lot guys

nebezial - Indeed… and the red has been choked

dark_jedi_1929 - I see your point. Have made some small tweaks to integrate him better (as I’m not going to lose him - I need that guy in there)

Maxter - It’s coming along slowly…

gpashkov - Making some further additions. I doubt I’ll add more people though.

claudio_jordao - Glad you like it. I’ve added some more things in terms of fire and so on

melkao - Thanx

Marcom - Glad to hear that, and the red has been shifted towards yellow

ace4016 - More smoke has been added. There will probably not be any more characters added though.

jdsb - Thanks a lot!

Mr. Luddite - Thanks, and good luck with the voodoo doll! Post a photo :smiley:

shakes - It’s the teacher in me… voices telling me to post explanatory things…

Bernardo D - I’ve changed a few things concerning the motion blur… not sure if it’s what you expect though… we’ll see

Hettinger - Time will tell I guess

SONIC-X - Some changes have been made… update soonish

maurodelia - :thumbsup:

adel3d - Thanks a lot, Adel

Turns out I took a much longer break than I expected. I have made some changes as of today though - update below


  • Made some colourcorrections on the fire (as pointed out by several commentators, it was too red, and a few random explosions googled confirmed that such things are mainly yellow and not very much red at all)

  • Added and/or changed the blur on some elements.

  • Overall a crapload of very small changes like levels, saturation, selective colour filtering and so forth

  • Added a few more layers of fire and smoke

  • Level adjustments with gradient masks to subtly shrink the vertical area of focus