Spectacular 3D Entry: J.C. Coelho


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Latest Update: Modeling: Geno’s boots


1st concept

  First idea to mind..
  A member of the next-gen glam outfit KIZZ doing some serious aerobatics.
  Make up, shock pose and freak tongue on a leash.
 Spandex-clad and perfect build of course?
  Well so what, isn't R. Williams still doing it?
  Umm.. next concept coming up :D

On second thought I’m staying with this one…


I think this concept will depend a lot on the actual figures.
It would be pointless should the modelling not go well? or get successful enough.

On the other hand a futuristic rock concert is something that could be quite spectacular? Also band members can have extreme poses and even float in mid-air.
Paraphernalia and decadent dress style a must :smiley:

Also can’t the human figure be spectacular by itself, specially in extreme poses?
Just a messy sketch on bond to establish an initial idea…


ahh, damn you beat me to it :slight_smile:

This was like one of the first 3 ideas to jump in my head - not exactly the Futuristic rock band burt definitely something involing pace painted guys and guitars - like kiss or something.

I wish you all the best 0 seeing as how i had ideas along this line, i’m gonna love wathcing you bring it into full SPECTACULARITY! :slight_smile:

Sure cant say i envy you doing those human models - i pretty much battle with organic modelling.

Stick to it, this is a really good idea!


Thanks Don :smiley:

Actually I'm kind of happy with the idea myself.
I've been doing some mad fast modelling so I can picture things properly.
Also want to do a really dynamic composition :D

I'm posting the guitarist's new pose as soon as it starts coming together.

Just a new concept sketch for now, I’ll do modelling posting later.
This is actually a big learning process for me :smiley:
I will follow this thing through, I will follow this thing through…


A better concept of old Geno :smiley:
Colours not decided at all, just an idea of paraphernalia work that’ll need to be done. His dragon boots might end up morphing into his legs and he might get dragon claws…
I’d like to note that I already have the low-poly pose and will start posting my modelling progress soon.


Just a suggestion … you might want to reconsider the use of characters which display a remarkable resemblance to real/fictional characters already existing. Originality scores higher points with the judges.



Thanks for the suggestion.
I actually initially wanted to "spoof" the the existing Kizz(?) band :D
On second thoughts this idea already wasn't final since the singer is female.

I haven't gone for remarkably resembling anyone with Geno(?) lol
You won't find a picture of anyone looking exactly like that.
Also, Kizz is not a final name for the band, just a developing concept.

For Geno(?) I'll borrow the [i]idea[/i] of face paint, and mostly the big boots [i]concept[/i].
It might inspire [i]some[/i] paraphernalia. I'll probably add [i]the tongue[/i] too. 
It will all however have an original [i]twist[/i].

Disclaimer: Any resemblance between portrayed characters and existing personalities
is purely coincidental and/or humouristic and not to be taken seriously.


OK I think I finally nailed the concept.
No more disturbed attempts at presenting the idea in 2D :smiley:

I think I finished a 3D maquette of the image ahead.
I now have the basis to start modelling away…

Also have a preliminary composition down.
Went for diagonals and more or less balanced the figures equally.
I want them to dominate the image.

So it’s all about aerobatics and a live show,
the time Geno did his fly over Gwenny’s head :smiley:
Any C&C? Like, dislike?

Actually I do realise that everything is quite ugly at this stage (lol)
Thing is it really still is just a concept.

I already have the low poly base to start modelling.
And that’'s what’s next, and hopefully my next post will be something
actually nice to look at :smiley:

Until then (hopefully soon).


Now I’m really confused whether this concept is OK according to the mission?
Maybe I don’t understand American that well or I’m just confuzzled :argh:

Spectacular -> I went for a spectacle?

The challenge mission actually states an event that might become history?
With a story to it? Am I on the wrong track?
I went for spectacular, period :smiley:

I’m going to ask the forum leaders about this one.
I also hope this whole thread doesn’t just get deleted in the process lol.

OK I cleared things up :smiley:
It doesn’t have to be historical, so I’m staying with this concept.
Maybe some rock bands made history by being so spectacular,
and are even now still being looked at (Kizz?)

So I’m not sure yet if this is in the past or future,
but it’ll try put up as much time as I can to make it a spectacular entry :smiley:


Nice idea, you can def have fun with the lighting on this one. No idea how you 3D people get your figures sorted but looking good so far. Good luck.



Baron Impossible

 [/b]Thanks Baron.
 I'm currently trying to get somewhere new (and presentable) 
 with my poly modelling tool.
 Still not much to show, probably this coming week.

Here’s a tease on the meantime :slight_smile:


This is just to illustrate how I’m planning to do most of the modelling.

I’m using SubD surfaces working on the topology and using a box modelling technique.

Not necessarily a milestone but just to testify to the modelling progress.
I’m currently working on the first face.

I want to post the finished face next and then on to the whole figure.
Also keeping record of the process so I can show the whole progress.


What`s Ur software for modeling ?


Here’s my current WIP of Geno’s head :smiley:
There’s no actual texturing yet, just some sort of preview.

   [/b]Hi there, I've been using the Silo modeller since version 1.2.
   I've also worked on clay, plaster and more contemporary media.
   I really think Silo can take me through the modelling milestones.
   I wanted to say I'm not trying to offend anyone with this image.
   My initial aim is rather to try bring some humour in, and some cartoony exagerations.
   We'll see how and if that is going to work out.
 Also I think the main challenge for me is to start AND finish an image.
   It'll have to go through the entire cg workflow, 
   and this can also be the great reward of the challenge for me.
   It'll also be a wonderful learning process.


This is to illustrate the face modelling of the first figure.

I’ll add some final tweaks and a little more geometry and post the final wires in more detail.


Nice modeling, the head looks really good.


@ soapy
Thank you.

Yes it’s taking a while to post the finished head.
I’m actually not lazy and not particularly slow, I don’t think.
Progress above is only a days work.

Its just that I’m living through a lot of turmoil right now :argh:
But yes, I’ll be putting some hours in soon.
All my modelling will be done quickly, all my modelling will be done quickly…


cool progress . But I think the lips shoul be better .It`s not so nice as my point .


Spin99, looking good! I like the poses and so far the modeling is going fast. I’m looking forward to seeing this one finished!
Um abraço da terrinha para a Africa do Sul, bom Challenge!