Spectacular 3D Entry: Ian Vincent Shuff


Ian Vincent Shuff has entered “Spectacular 3D”.


Okay then, here’s my go at it. Will return soon with a sketch.


Okay then. I don’t have the artistic skill to show it, but the hillside will be made up of glowing, orange, translucent bodies, (no it won’t be as gross as it sounds). The hill is suppossed to represent the body, the heart is supposed to represent life, and the eye is supposed to represent sight. The idea in that these two are interconnected is that what you see and don’t see during your lifetime defines you (that’s my view anyway). The body is able to hold the man on top up becuase it is how we define ourselves physically. The blue beams are the mind, and the yellow beams are the soul, and they are rays becuase the idea is that these two things envelop everything else about your personality. What you want to see, how you see it, etc. The man on top is going through a process of self discovery, which is why he is not touched by any of the light: Becuase he has not discovered it is there yet, he has not discovered his mind’s actual potentia, and his true personality. He is reaching toward the heart and eye becuase he wants to live and see these things.

I wanted to make not so much a physical, but a spiritual image, while still being something that catches your eye.


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