Spectacular 3D Entry: hodong la


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Latest Update: Final Image: A Evolutionary small creature


Hi. my name is hodong la…
These work had been thinking a concept from old times.
Concept is moment of newly hatched spider in mother’s body.
Small Babies prey upon mother…
And also it designed mechanical story.
I imagine Interesting form of spider and terrible feeling

I hope Unique and flesh story.


Beautiful concept! I’m really looking forward to see this finished, good luck!


Good concept, although I don’t see the babies. Maybe you’d also want to try changing the angle to make it more dramatic, perhaps an upward-looking shot?

Good luck.


it’s time that moment of hatching newly babies.
mother’s body is breaken.
and babies come out of a mother’s body.

It’s design that dissymmetrical form.
Thus it feel more uneasy…
Mechanical Spider`s thread get out of body anywhere.


HI Hodong, what a great scketch, i like the mood on it, and the spider robot design looks really great, this can be a masterpiece, I hope you get to finish this… so far the model looks neat.!



great concept, the structur design of the spider is awesome.


Excellent design and modeling !


nice design, get a hump on update:thumbsup:


OMG what a design, and outstanding sketch. Very taklented modeller and painter


Great sketch, nice modelling, Do you have enough time to do it?

Go go go!



Cool drawing! Good luck, and godspeed!


I change camera angle for dynamic composting.
Now I am designing babies…


another great style in perspective!! good luck hodong!:arteest:


The Image increase a width.
For more wide compositing.
It is mood test.
I will use Red Tone color for a strange mood…
These image compound another image to test mood.color,mapping…


I have no idea what that is, but it looks really cool!


lighting,mapping test…
I hope more Dramatic image.
I add Red_Yellow color to a image…
also increase exposure for more Contrast
I used projection lighting.

Now i am creating little babies. hurry,


Wonderful work - congrats!


I add spider babies to scene.
I feel the need to add detail(ground,fx,broken piece…).
I used shape merge,loft,boolean,FFD box,bend…


Great progress so far, keep up the great work.