Spectacular 3D Entry: Henry H. Pashkov


Final rez: 3600X2400 :buttrock:

Эта картинка даже в jpg занимает 534 кило. Вы бы замучались ее вытягивать при каждом обновлении.


И когда вообще центр заработает. Не хватает общения.:scream:


И кстати Господин Кузнецов. Спасибо за ваш плаг. Trayl. Класная штука. Очень он мне помог.


I think I - mad. But same rework yet.


Very nice henry,you’ve made it to the Final…Good Luck:)



But may be critiques.


Battle ship Hull new design


Now nearest ship looks better!!!:thumbsup: А главное центр работает!!! :slight_smile:


very nice updated here nice changement on ship texture !


Same light reworks


cruser reworks



That looks MUCH better! I’m very glad that you didn’t submit the final :thumbsup:


This looks amazing:thumbsup: ! Congrats!:applause:



But your work pleases itself more.


This is a fantastic space scene - don’t know how I could have missed it!

Great mood and coloring, very nice work :thumbsup:


same blaster fire reworks


Hi! I really like your work! That’s looking very impressive! And only one. It seems to me that the blue ray must be more thin. And I think that you should try to do a edge of the planet more clear… But I’m not sure. It’s only a suggestion.
И еще нужно немного сдвинуть с линии горизонта планеты три одинаковых спутника, которые образуют треугольник.
I wish you good luck! :slight_smile:


wow. really stellar image. Spectacular all the way. Great perspctive and use of color. Nice work


Iwill try.


new cruser view