Spectacular 3D Entry: Henry H. Pashkov


Well and if then.


Almost final work


I think. I hope. These are the last corrections


cool !!! )


Greate!!! And really spectacular!!!


May be rework,samething?

Может все таки, что еще доделать стоит?


Add blue color to bg, and to planet color.


I added dark-blue color into the background. But I think. It is not very well.


Maybe you can add something blurred in foreground…

МОжет какую-нибудь деталь добавишь на первый план, разблюренную, кусок чего-нибудь, чтобы почуствовать себя внутри битвы.


Кстати, а что случилось с центром.

What happened with 3DCenter.ru?


moving to another hoster.
переезд на выделенный сервер, про это новости даже были :slight_smile:


May be so


I do not hear applause gentlemen. I think. I finished this work.

Не слышу аплодисментов господа. Я думаю. Я закончил эту работу.


great work mate, realy spectacular, :applause: see you later and :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup:


Much thanks. It is very pleasant to me.

Especially from REAL MASTER.




I will lay complete version to evening. :buttrock:


whohoo :eek: impressive battle ! Yep that’s spectacular, and congrats, impressive models and vey nice image… just a comment on the last post… did you try to more contrast left and right area of your image ? Eventually it can increase the efect of depth into the space… just a small comment. Very cool work and congrats !



I made a foreground more contrastingly, and bg a little blur (3 4 pixel)


For me is a little bit too small resolution, but is ok. :slight_smile: