Spectacular 3D Entry: Henry H. Pashkov


that’s a huge scene, Good looking although not original


Hey man cool concept but:
WHERE were you during GSO!?!


It taught students higher mathematics


But that you understand under the originality.
Example. Reference.Link. :shrug:


Blaster rework


Scene concept


initial idea was such


May be so:


мне всё нравится ! только маленькое замечание - взрывы на планете можно сделать по размеру более разными … может тот что больше ещё увеличить…

All is pleasant to me! Only the small remark - on a planet can be made explosions on the size more different… That can what more still increase…


Or may be so

Я немного подкоректировал цвета. Сделал засветы от взрывов более четкими.


Looks beautifull to me :thumbsup:I think last version is better


Picture is better with every upadte :)!


what about brightness and contrast.


almost there


I believe you have a serious perspective error. You show the destructive “laser” beams emitting from the ship (close) and striking the planet’s surface (quite far away), yet the beam is a consistant width all those miles to the surface with no perspective convergence. It makes the planet look very tiny as if it’s maybe a few thousand yards in diameter.


• Great image pal! it would have been cool for the Space Opera Challenge, but sure it is an spectacular image! :applause:
My comment: I see too much red in the background, maybe it would look better in darker tones :buttrock:


your scene is great in technique i should say…i really like it.

i dont exactly remember or know a certain name or a reference, no offese at all but i have seen this kind of scenery in movies that includes Space,spaceships and Galaxy wars…if you think i’m wrong tell me but i’ve absolutely seen something similar.
Good Luck Mate:thumbsup:


Looks like a poster of star wars :slight_smile:



You must to look attentively. There are no ships from the forward plan, that bombard planet. Only ships of average and far plans make this.


Thanks :bounce:.
I am occupied by this exactly.:rolleyes: