Spectacular 3D Entry: Henry H. Pashkov



Yes. It’s Sevastopol - CHC.


Hi Henry,

it took some time to go through all your uploads from the 22.October:eek: . Seems this was a very productive day:) . Great modeling,love the details of your space ships and especially the environment and lighting of your scene:thumbsup: . Looks already spectacular!



Cool! This is really spectacular! :thumbsup: But why black & white? :slight_smile:

Классно! Зрелищно получаеться! А почему ч/б? :slight_smile: Будешь цветной вариант делать!



Great action scene. I thought it was 2d at 1st time.


Unfortunately, this not completely 2D this faster 2D + 3D.

And I am not sure, that oganizatory will permit me to use this work in 2D - section.

P.S. A-U-u-u administrators, it is possible to use it into 2D - section.


May be so:


In color this is great!!! Nice composition and great dinamyc here!!! And I like this explosions!!!:thumbsup:


Very great work! Amazing! :thumbsup:


That about the left lower angle.

Что насчет левого нижнего угла.


hey this is a pretty nice action scene…i like space battles and this one reminds me of good memories of watching Startrek movies,

nice models,designs and composition…great job:thumbsup:


Well I think it end of 3 part. I begin to make the next part - 2.


Great!!! totaly GREAT!!! Perfect dinmics!


Looking great. I dig your new changes. keep going!:thumbsup:


Yes, little changing did picture better. :slight_smile:


same rework.


Heya Henry… Wow man you’re nearly there already!!! This just looks stunning so far mate… Keep it up:thumbsup:


Thank you. :slight_smile:


It made a station more contrasting. And the texture of planet was replaced. It a little altered blaster rays. Somewhere altered blur.