Spectacular 3D Entry: Henry H. Pashkov


“Mantis” - this is my old operating time. I a little altered it for this competition.


Triplex - this also my old operating time which in me did not reach hands to complete. This possibility appeared since the beginning of this competition.




Spacecraft “Vindictive”. The heavy cruiser of the colonial self-defense forces. Altered from the federal ore carriers, ship proved to be very successful construction, especially this concerned survival. Moreover idea proved to be simple to the improbability. The matters in the fact that in this ship the heavy water was the basic element of cooling reactor. But since for conducting the war shooting, into the hull they squeezed two additional reactors, all external decks and holds were converted into the reservoirs of heavy water. With the entry into the external hull, the water, which contains in itself additional reagents, from one side absorbed energy, and with another it blocked holes. And now and then the ship, which is necessary from standby alert was similar to the porcupine, with the icy needles.

Космический корабль «Мстительный». Тяжелый крейсер колониальных сил самообороны.
Переделанный из федеральных рудовозов, корабль оказался весьма удачной конструкцией, особенно это касалось выживания. Причем идея оказалась проста до невероятности. Дела в том, что у этого корабля основным элементом охлаждения реактора была тяжелая вода. А поскольку для ведения боевых действий, в корпус втиснули еще два реактора, то все внешние палубы и трюмы были превращены в резервуары тяжелой воды. При попадании во внешний корпус, вода, содержащая в себе дополнительные реагенты, с одной стороны поглощала энергию, а с другой блокировала пробоины. И порой корабль, приходящий с боевого дежурства был похож на дикобраза, с ледяными иглами.





Nice style here! :thumbsup: Keep it up!


Yes, this theme always probably will be popular!

good luck !



I think ships sufficiently. And was replaced explosion in the background. Me it seems so more realistically


Very Nice style and detail. Lots of work you put in. :thumbsup: keep going.




all i see is this wonderfull and awsome detail many you are good waithing to see the updateslove all the ships .youa are a one man team :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup:


You have in the form. One whether I it all created. Yes. Itself.


What you doing with those polygons is just amazing. Keep it up!


It touched up explosions, and it added even smaller elements.


Touch ups look good, I have one question. The explosion that has the ring around it looks to me like theres a $ symbol in the center, is that a ship?