Spectacular 3D Entry: Henry H. Pashkov


Hi-Fi buddy, great work, global. Good luck


all torpedos looks awesome :twisted:


almost there


upper station expl.


blast FX


blast FX


cruser blust


I began to write prehistory. And were run. It make to 10 pages. Now I must to select 2-3 good paragraphs from it. But it’s to pity drop it. Therefore for to the Russian fun of sci-fi it is devoted.

I bring apologies, I do not manage for the literary english , yes even with the literary Russian I have the problem.

Prehistory: русский
english (n/a)

Начал я писать предысторию. И понеслась. Получилось на 10 страниц. Теперь нужно выбрать из этого 2-3 хороших абзаца. Но жаль выбррасывать. Поэтому для русским любителям фантастики посвящается.

Сразу приношу извенения, за язык. Литературным англиским не владею, да и с литературным русским проблеммы.

Предыстория: русский
english (n/a)


Great working, your image is better and better! :smiley: I like it very much, fantastic details and action. :thumbsup:


The planet is under suppression… Orbits are burning. It is the end of the pirate terror age that has lasted for many years…

The result of a longlasting reconnaissance and search… Military force accumulation. Selection of targets. Destruction of enemy’s mobile troops… War. Cruel and furious. Without counting deaths. Without taking prisoners. Without mercy.

The highly anticipated taste of retribution…


Greate SPECTACULAR image!!! Good luck with your entry!!!



SW force with me :buttrock:


:buttrock: Strong one! Coloring is very nice… Good luck to you!


Hey gpashkov, what a great battle scene man, very very good.
Good luck.


Hi! I really like your space! :slight_smile: That’s looking great! Congratulations! And Good luck! :slight_smile:


Great work! Congrats! :thumbsup:


Hey man, that is a lot of great looking work in this thread! I really like your final, it is very cinematic! Best of luck with the judging! :thumbsup:



The many thanks. I will hope.


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