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Latest Update: Concept Sketch: a little detail to sketch


In the name of GOD

Hi everybody . i am very glad because i join in to this challenge . I’m very busy in my work but i trying to finesh my concept and i need your help all of the taime in my concept is in progress .

thanks for your advises .


welcome hadi,and good luck :thumbsup:


welcome buddy! nice 2 cya back on these challenges,make it to final this time!


Welcome and good luck. I’m waiting the concept. :thumbsup:


Welcome hadi, I will wait for your concept, Just thnik more & more, In my opinion concpt is 50% of Progress. Good luck:thumbsup: .


welcom to this challenge hadi …
gudluck !:thumbsup:


this is my first sketch . i think this form of concept is original and post modern . i explain my concept soon .


Hi hadi, welcome. nice sketch. good luck man.:thumbsup:


Do you looking at the world reverse since ! i do that . yes my concept is that . i explain that now ;
the boy is dangle from the tree and tree is dangler of the earth too . it is mathematical .
in math ( Negative * Negative = Positive ) . yes math say true .

the boy discover a true feature of the nature . he received god message . he is one messenger . he dangle from tree and see his world different . every things are praying but we cant see that . but a boy in jungle can see that. he is very cleanhanded then he can see true . the true is behind the world .
if you have any question just say … i am explain to you .

bye …


Salam Hadi khan,rastesh man nesfe nime gereftam ke conceptet chie! kash kheili rahat tar bahash barkhord koni ta baad ke minevisish mardomam rahat tar darkesh konan,manzooram adamey zire diplomi mesle mane!:slight_smile:

by the way,That sketch looks really cool,show us more!:thumbsup:


hi x3dman

good concept … i like that … goodluck man !


the concept is Nice…i can see some ppl on that tree,it really hard,but i can see them(Good for me:scream: )
va inke lotfan ye tozihe Farsi dar morede idat bara ma bede ke kamel befahmim…khaily khosh hal mishim:thumbsup:


this is the colored sketch . its a few better . i will make it better more soon .


hi my friends …

dear madlight … davod and3rd user thanx for your advises .

::: Farsi explain for my persian friends :

bebakhshin doostan … man englisim za-eefe bara ham shaiad natoonestam khoob manzooramo begam .
tarhe man dar vaghe ye sooje ba dide postmoderne … yani inke ba ye didgaahe jadid be ye mozoo-e ghadimi mishe chizaie jadid va shegeft angizi toosh kashf kard . masalan ye bache choopoone dehaati mitoone faghat ba saro tah didane donia be raze khoda pei bebare va jaaigaahe ye paiaambaro peida kone . oon ba vaaroone didane donya motevajeh mishe ke hame makhlooghat too donya dar hale eshareh kardan be khoda hastan … faghat kaafie kami deghat konim ta be oon pei bebarim .
albateh man in ide ro kameltar mikonam …be zoodi in karo khaham kard va shoro be ejrash mikonam .

kheili mokhlesim

i am back soon . and my concept will be complete and you can see and undrestand my concept easily .

excuse me for my very very bad english .


hehehe…sorry,i thought those stuff around tree were ppl…lol,Really sorry…Now at least,i know what u’re After…Good Luck:thumbsup:
btw,arent those birds upside down?:smiley:


ya my friend … i make the ppl early . this is just background colors . i wanna change poses of peoples . i will think more to make them .

… and ya …that birds is kind of that they can dangle of the trees easily .

thanks for your advises .


good consept,keep going man.:thumbsup:


Sorry Guys, My English is not Good so that’s why i couldn’t Explain what i meant
my thème of Concept is indeed a Post-Modern Style, meaning with a new look to an Old

topic one can discover New and remarkable stuff. e.g. one rural shepherd Kid can

with Just Being,and Seeing The World upside down find out the secret of God and Find

[color=white]The Place of the Prophet. He/She with Seeing The World upside down realizes that every creature in the world is pointing to GOD…We just need to be a little cautious to realize that.
although I’ll soon further this Idea… [/color]


hi hadi …
keep going man . i wating .

hurryup .