Spectacular 3D Entry: Gunilla Elam


HAPPY HOLIDAYS :bounce: :bounce:

Thx for this new wallpaper , now my desktop is all in a bubble/Xmas mood … … … GLOP !


Thanks for this superb holidays card Gunnie… and again for the rubbercake birthday card… very kind… and so funny… I always love that :smiley: :thumbsup: hahahaha

…I just hope that the twins doesn’t have too much cold like that…

…and happy holidays for you honey :love:


pretty cool final image, Gunilla :thumbsup:



Gilles - thank you, oh my Gilles :scream:

Thierry - thanks a lot!

Shakes - hilarious Christmas card, thanks mate :thumbsup:

Mona - glad to see you recovered and fine- and thanks!

Steph - enjoy the Bubble, and thanks for all the crazy smileys :slight_smile:

Laurent - don’t worry, it’s Nordic kids - they’re used to ice :scream: thank you!

Squibbit - Thank you Squibbit :slight_smile:

How many times have I said a last thank you in this thread? :smiley: I’ve now moved the twins to the Finished Gallery - but of course this thread is open for spam anyway… anytime :slight_smile:


mmh , I guess some christmas socks could do the job … about that huh ?


Haha, are you saying I need a nudity warning for my avatar?! :scream:

I’ll get to it … and hopefully before Christmas!


Exactly, some people have to work over here ! boahaha :scream:


fantastic, very well executed…:thumbsup:

there is something very beautiful about babies in their early developmental stage :slight_smile: and twins are even more amazing great concept :wise:



Congratulations, you did a wolderfull image. Nice feel of depht and the mood of tranquility.


Zapan - Houha! You really are a foot fetichist are you? I bet you had a blast at Soapys thread :rolleyes: :smiley:

Tim, Dean
- thank you very much, glad you like it :slight_smile:

Occasional news - I ordered ZBrush today, YOINKS :bounce:


Yeeeaaahhhhh hahahahaha ! He IS a foot fetichist !:smiley: . In french we say “prendre son pied” * (take my foot…or having a blast)

I can imagine how rubbery it’s going to be now :thumbsup: .
But don’t worry, wathever you’re going to use … I am going to watch and enjoy your modeling:love:


HOLD ON !! :eek:

I have to put my foot down ! :smiley: .
Yep I’m a foot fetichist , but only with those which are kicking in the snow… and let me tell you that’s really not usual :scream:

You’re going to use zbrush ? That’s a freakin’ good new , can’t wait to see your first model with :bounce: :bounce: , if you post something somewhere don’t forget to PM me :thumbsup: … I need to give my daily number of spam … (poor Laurent :smiley: )


Wow…this is awesome. Aie…I really find it suits the theme.:buttrock:


Good morning honey… what a good news here… ZB… you’re decided then… good thing… I’m sure that this tool can be useful for you… finally, you don’t like to modelize so much… and you prefer working with your feeling… I must acknowledge to be very curious to discover your first tests…
You will profit of the winter to learn it seriously I presume… good decision… I should do the same thing… but for the moment, miss me the little “click” in my head :scream:

And your new website… always on it ?

Have a nice day Gunie :wavey:


Scooter - haha, “prendre son pied” - I have to remember that one! Thanks for cheering, Michel and I hope to have some fun with ZB… have you tried it?

Steph - Good thing it’s not all feet then - you still have time to do other things than chasing for them :scream: Sure, I keep you posted if I “go public” with my tests - still don’t know how it will suit me. Always happy for your spam, foot digger :smiley:

Loulu79 - thank you! I’m glad you like it!

Laurent - good morning :bounce: Yes, I’ve been thinking of it for some time, you know that - and I can see it probably would be a good thing for me to use. It haven’t “clicked” for me yet either - but I thought that spending all that money to get it will force my brain to try harder :slight_smile: We’ll see how it turns out… if I don’t like working with it I’m still very happy with Max … and really feel like getting better at modeling.
And we don’t speek about the website, OK? :banghead::banghead:

Have a nice day oh you nice folks :love:


you u decided to push the limits of detail gunni ? good luck with zbrush . tell me what u think of it i am thinking also of buying it sometime. i have downloaded the demo version to work on it and learn a few things before i go and buy it :smiley:


Next steps for twins… Zbrushing for inner parts… and maybe tattoos too, and why not, cellular phones implanted in the brain for wifi connection, that will be more than incredible :scream:

:banghead: :banghead: :banghead: :banghead:

Lemog Out Of Order…


Jannis - yeah , that’s pretty much what I planned too - but the demo doesn’t support export/import of models and since that’s my planned use I just wnet and bought it anyway. Hope to have it tomorrow :slight_smile:

Indeed it would :scream: haha, and don’t worry I will probably encourage you to get it too - so I can pick some tricks from you :thumbsup:


stunning render!!:bounce: congratulations.:applause:
good luck in contest


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