Spectacular 3D Entry: Gunilla Elam


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Hi all, this is going to be fun!
Who can resist such a spectacular challenge? … not me anyway :scream:


Spectacular, isn’t ? :scream: Finally, you are here… for our pleasure, thanks. You’re welcome and I wish the best things for you Gunilla…

…have a nice day and nice spectacular idea :wavey: …with your particular touch :thumbsup:


Yay, I wish thee good luck :wip:


yeah! glad to see you here again! good luck!Gunilla:bounce:


good luck my friend, looking forward to working with you once again:thumbsup:


Hey ! Gun ! Nice to see U there !
Have fun with us !


Gunilla i liked your entry last time, hope to see cool stuff from you again, good luck and have fun~ :thumbsup:


Hey gunilla, I loved your m&s entry and have high expectations! :slight_smile:


Hi Gunilla, good luck and I look forward to playing alongside you again…


Everyone - thanks a lot for the warm welcome … strange, it feels like getting back to class after the summer.
I will very thouroghly think this demanding theme over, maybe start with the most important things - a good idea. Oh, and I definitely need a new avatar for this! :slight_smile:
Good to see all the old challenge buddies gathered again. So, let the party begin - who has the beer? :beer:


Hahahahaha… I thought exactly to the same thing… perhaps a neuronne then? :scream:
…I survey here while waiting for the good idea :thumbsup:


Hahahahaha… I thought exactly to the same thing…

Transmission of thoughts again? haha

Avatars is always a real problem for me - no matter what I do I cannot make something that reflects my personality well… ahhh, I suppose this old blob will do :scream:


Nooooooooooo… don’t be cruel with you… and take care your mind for the idea… :bounce:


gl dude… all the best! :thumbsup:


and take care your mind for the idea…

Ahhh, I will, I will… the energy will be better spent on the challenge idea. But seriously, if you like, I could use a hand with the avatar … how about swapping? I send you some neurons and you make me an avatar? :scream:


yahoo, Gunillas back, looking forward to seeing what you have installed for us. Good luck my friend.


Go Gunilla!!! Good luck!!! :bounce:

Cheers! :slight_smile:



Good luck:thumbsup:


Hello there Gunilla, good luck to u girl :smiley: