Spectacular 3D Entry: Grigorij Sukhov


good modelling skills. hope the final image will show the dynamic of you concept… :slight_smile:


WOW! This models are really something,i loved the realistic lookin face expressions alot,i just want to see the Final maaan! keep up the great work:thumbsup:


Top modeling. I really like the expressions that you’ve got into the characters. And nice clothing too. Look forward to seein them textured. :thumbsup:


Hello mate!! good work here:) have good luck bro!!:thumbsup:



На Украине по разным каналам немного разную информацию подают. В общем картина конечно плачевная. Оранжевая власть раскололась и эти части друг друга говном поливают, обвиняют друг друга в коррупции, не профессионализме и т.д. партии перетасовываются из блоков в блок… новости по НТВ смотрю - там вроде в целом всё правильно вещают…

персонажи у тебя намечаются класные !


Cool, you gots another 1!! Looks awesome. Love his expression!


Just a very rapid skin test. Don’t mind the poses, it’s gonna be different in the final image.


To alfy, DJ_Fleury, daWinky, Fanx, Borro, shakes, Fanx for support people:) .

To Sergey Banityuk По НТВ? Вот уж не подумал бы, что эти говнюки что-то дельно вещать могу. Спасибо за визит.

To alexfalchi Hey, mate. Why you are not on the chalenge, hop up.

To Swamps Glad you like’em, Swamps. What about texterung, well I usially do all the textures after all geometry I want is done. So it’s gonna be a whyle I post some textured stuff. Folowing your advises concerning materials and rendering. In fact I used default scanline render before. Now I got myself a Final Render. Cool thing.

To Madlight_1988 Hey I want to se the Final even more than you. Fanx mate.

To mac_andre

good modelling skills. hope the final image will show the dynamic of you concept… :slight_smile:

I hope so too.

To (o)ne Че то ты не туда сослался. Этот скетч уже идет лесом, я же другой запостил.

To Max 234666 cccp Да никакой особой идеи. Хорошие чуваки убегают на военной тачке от плохих чуваков. Два плохих чувака в навороченной броне запрыгнули в машину, хорошие чуваки пытаются их оттуда выкинуть. Вот и все.

Ну а на счет споров у кого лучше получается, пока от меня первый приз тебе. Пожалуй даже не пока а вообще. Не сочти за лесть, это абсолютно объективно и очевидно.


To madshooter Well, I think small problems will be there even on the final imege. I’m really short on time.

To frenzymedia

Yeah, That dude looks ready for business!! great job, good modeling!

cheers::bc :buttrock:

Yap, he’s one tought motherf#cker. Fanx for a visit mate.

To DaddyMack

Salud! Comrade Sukhov, each step you take is so unique in it’s own right here:buttrock:

Your 3d visualisation abilities never cease to amaze me mate… Keep this one going to the end!! I wanna see where it lands;)

It’s gonna land right between yer eyes, mate. In case if I’ll sharpen my skill with FinalRender in time. Fanx for stopping by.

To Ultemate

Пошёл спор у кого лучше получается… :scream:

Прикольные бойцы. Бешеные.:slight_smile: Давай продолжение. :thumbsup:

Да у Макса лучше получается. Вопрос закрыт. Продолжение будет завтра или послезавтра. Надеюсь.


Hí grigorij!! Great modeling man, and very fast!! :slight_smile: :thumbsup: I´m curious to see the final image, i´ll be watching!!


sorry, I missed that one, shame on me :rolleyes:


hey Grigorij, great modeling and posing man!
Really good work so far!
Can’t wait to see next updates :wink:


Hey Grigorij,

I see you are really moving along with your modeling , it is looking good and keep up the good work.:thumbsup:


Hey, good characters, they have an exelent expression too. keep the good work.:thumbsup:


thats great man… I wish I was so good at characters as you :slight_smile: wish you good luck


Very nice modelling Grigorij and the skin shaders looks fine so far… Keep it up


U are going very fast with this…i don’t know if it will help…but i think u should tight the fall of weight of bones on lady’s knees …it attracts too much skin form above and below knee area…i don’t know if this makes sence…:slight_smile: :thumbsup:


Товарищ Сухов - Оболденно моделите ! !!


good modeling so far but the hands of the guy doesn’t seem to have good hold on the lady.


This is already looking very good. It seems that you found your concept and workflow now. :slight_smile: Great work! :thumbsup: Waiting for updates.



Congrats man, good skinning! You can pose your characters like you want now. Will wait for the final pose, this one is already looking good :thumbsup: