Spectacular 3D Entry: Grigorij Sukhov


Кртуо получается:) Старкрафт чем то напомнило:)


good work with te textures, i think that you could decrease a bit the specular. Keep it up :thumbsup:


I liked the concept of this character, the body is very insane, very cool. With good materials and textures this will be very good.:slight_smile:


That’s some good progress man, really like the mecha as well. Nothing much for me to crit though, the others have already said what was on my mind… :scream:

Cheers comrade!
:beer: :buttrock:


Hi! In my view the texture of the face turned out effective. I haven’t any remarks! :slight_smile:


Nice !
The shader of the skin need less specular I think…
And the geometry of the armour need some subdivision more…


Heyyy! Nice face expression,modelling rocks too! man just keep up the good work!:thumbsup:


Hehe nice model Grigorij, and good texture work. I like it, he really looks ready for a good fight.



This is a model of vehicle I’m going to use for my scene. Originally it supposed to be a Mad Max like car, but I decided to replace it with flying oldsmobile style car.


thierry2005, Madlight_1988, gpepper, Atris, keetmun, banzato, denverbz, collings, Big D, shakesThanx alot for support and advises, people.:slight_smile:


Кртуо получается:) Старкрафт чем то напомнило:)

Старкрафт… Вообщето правильнее былобы сказать что этот мех - внебрачный сын морпеха из Старкрафта и робота дизайна Мацамуне Сиро.


Whoah! Classic Sukhov already mate! I’m really intrigued by the whole cyborg beast style you have Grigorij… It strikes me that you are a very twisted individual;) Respect due:buttrock:

Classic Sukhov… Classic Sukhov… I like the way it sounds. Yap, I’m really twisted person:twisted: . Fanx DaddyMack.


Nice car dude, Man your work is :thumbsup: I really Respect your style:bowdown:


wonderful car! some styling and future design together, congratulations!


many thanks. very good model.:bounce:
Good luck on the challenge. :thumbsup:


Good model and the concept design is so good, i’m waiting to see the textures. Congrats :thumbsup:


Very interesting vehicle concept + impressive modelling. I’m following the progress with interest.


nice space car!
great imagination you have- i like the retro look.


Hey man, sorry I haven’t been around for a while. I missed alot of great updates here, excellent work man! :applause:



sweet… its a space age corvet… nothing to crit at all mate… :thumbsup:


Nice stuff Grigorij!

Cool design of the vehicle too. Sorry i have an occupational hazard as an industrial designer…:slight_smile:
i just miss some straight and flat surfaces from the vehicle. Maybe with various forms it could be more dynamic. Right now it’s a very fine cruiser but as i see those stabilisers it can movin very fast. You know it’s just may personal taste, nothing else… keep it up this excellent style and quality.



Since the start your work is impressive. Modelisation, posing are great. I’m very curious of what will be the final composition.
A little thing, the character seems very small in the car. But I wait to see a more advanced picture to critic.

Congratulations for this work.