Spectacular 3D Entry: Grigorij Sukhov


Ага ментовские.


in textures it will be very nice :slight_smile:


That’s a pretty solid piece of mech! When I saw the first frontal shot previously, the upper legs seemed a bit over the top in terms of thickness, but it doesn’t really bother me anymore when I’ve seen the perspective shot… cool schtuff.



Привет Григорий получается отлично,
желаю с воодушивлением дойти до финала и как водится победить!


Waw, some powerfull engine…
I want same at home. :slight_smile:


Holy shiett!
Just loved that mech! congras for the design:thumbsup:


dude, that is soooo cool :thumbsup:


Once again… awesome work man! Wow… you are really going hard here! I hope I can keep up :stuck_out_tongue:


I just trying to get familiar with my new render software. Looking nice from my point of view. Atleast it’s much better than my previous render soft.


Render test looks cool to me:) , onlything it has a llittle plastic kind of look.


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Fanx alot guys.

To JamesMK
Yap, you are right. This model was designed specially for this kind of pose, and looks much better this way.


Yes, you are right, but i’m still in progress. I’ll fix that.


yeah, keep it up :thumbsup:


have to agree dude, i think you need to lower the specular level or create a map for it… apart from that mate it looks great… always look forward to your updates


The textures look pretty good already - the shader seems slightly too reflective/specular at this point though.


I agree with you guys.


i like the expression very much, and the position of the pupil looks great. little details like the stiches on his nose always get me! love it!


I can see that your project is advancing in great paces. I like it so far…


Whoah! Classic Sukhov already mate! I’m really intrigued by the whole cyborg beast style you have Grigorij… It strikes me that you are a very twisted individual;) Respect due:buttrock:


The textures look great so far!
keep going the good work :thumbsup: