Spectacular 3D Entry: Grigorij Sukhov


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Hey Comrade,

Good to see you back here… and i look forward to seeinf what horrors you come up with this time dude… Take it easy and good luck


I still don’t know what sort of image I want to make. So, I’ll post few more different concepts. Here is the first one.


HEYGirgorij,nice to cya on this challenge! thanx for dropping by,ur concept is lookin cool,im waitin for the story and some more clear concepts! goodluck,mate…


Welcome on board Comrade Sukhov! Looking forward to see more of your art in this challenge. Good luck!




Cool concept and so spectacular idea . keep it up mate ,hope to see more wip .


Awasome !!! Me wants bigger zoom BIGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGer…-> Subsciribed
Good luck!!


Hey grigorij, Excellent to see you here again my friend! Good luck… Viva la resistance!


Welcome to the challenge man and good luck to ya, holla!:thumbsup:


hi suk-grigorij
last time was cool! and sure about this time! looking forward man!
cheers and welcome!


Just a more detailed image. Not final.


TO yunisirees This time is gonna be cooler. I hope. Glad to see ya.

TO beelow Good luck to you too.

TO DaddyMack I’m very happy you are here too. Can’t wait to see your progress.
TO the_fgdf Bigger? Here you go.

TO Ramtin_moom, Madlight_1988, Adriano_Zanetti Thanx, people.

TO eddieellis No horrors this time I’m afraid. But I’m sure your image is gonna be twise hoorific than previous.:twisted: At least I hope so. Good luck mate, fanx for a visit.


The story. Very simple this time. And I hope spectacular enougth.

So there are few (dont know how many exactly for now) members of resistance (not some histurical resistance, just abstract) blew up some sh@t at some secret plant or somthing and getting out. The most interresting thing is how they are doing it.

Well, they are “exfiltrating” using a bunker door as surfboard. They sliding down the stair shooting everything that moves, and everything that moves shooting them. And maybe I’ll add some bad guys chasing them using the other part of bunker door.

Very simple to imagine and pretty hard to make in 3d (at least for me).

You can’t see most of discribed stuff on the posted scetches. Full consept image gonna be here tomorrow.

Thanx for reading all this bulsh@t.:slight_smile:

Have a nica day.:thumbsup:


With your previous challenge entry fresh in mind still, I’m looking forward to see something really stylish evolve here over the next few months… Good luck, Grigorij!


Echo what James said: this is going to be really fun considering your work in the previous challenge. good luck :thumbsup:


The story is easy to understand and your sketch brings it straight to the crucial point. :slight_smile:

I’m curious to see it in 3d. Good luck!



This sketch is lookin really cool,feels very promisingm,man! go on!:thumbsup:


Great sketch , I am not too sure about the position of the 2 men, they must be good friends… or well, I guess in time of strife one must make sacrifices.

Looking forward to how it plays out. Good luck. Cheers.


Good luck mate. Can I make a suggestion? Play around with the perspective - you’ve got a nice, action-packed, dynamic shot at the moment, but if the characters were hurtling towards the viewer it be a lot more ‘spectacular’.


That’s some cool concept there :slight_smile:

PS:tnx for the comments on my post :slight_smile:

Good luck to you.