Spectacular 3D Entry: Gregory Werner


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Latest Update: Modeling: Second camera test


Let the fun begin :twisted:


way to go friend…you here at last.go go goooooooo :thumbsup:


hahahah, smart birdy on the track! was about time! best luck and don’t uz fly too high :stuck_out_tongue: go go go Greg!


Hi Greg man…Nice to seeya too.im so happy at the moment.
Looking forward to interact with you and rest of the gang in this challenge…
seeya pal.:thumbsup:


yeh raven,u got my support! lets go!


nice to see you here again. good luck! pozdrawiam.


Thanks for the warm welcome guys. Nice to be back in the saddle :smiley:


Good luck:thumbsup: . As fast as you were in the M&S challenge, 3 months seems like too much time for you:D .


Hahaaah… Knew you wouldn’t be able to resist mate… Prepare to be stalked;)


Gliding in the city during rush hour :smiley:
Think yamakasi meets Burnout but with gliders.


I like the sketch, a lot of energy and action in this scene.


hehe, maybe make the guy gliding over the bus barely grazing the top. Hope it turns out very dynamic if you stick with this idea.


Doodling with some colors


Continuumx: Glad u like it so far :slight_smile:

Ace4016: This is still the concept. On-line play may vary :smiley: I’ll be doing some cam angle test and stunts / dangerous situations once it’s 3d, I want to give it a show off race feeling :smiley: Might not be that visible in the sketch hope 3d captures the idea better.


I’ll be waiting for the updates:thumbsup: .



Good Luck!, I’ll have a wing flying around this thread :wip:


Hey look whos challenging!

So let me guess…as fast as you are this should take oh what, a week and a half? :smiley:

Good luck mate!


Hi Greg… and best wishes for your entry…

Good idea… Yesterday I have an idea a little like that… but with a kind of “an old futuristic space glider” in the Paris street… in the middle of circulation, and tracked by vehicles of police force, but I will hope to find another idea.
Then, I’m very curious to see your continuation :thumbsup:


Ladies and Gentelman…

Welcome in buddy, I wish u lots of fun and coffee cups!
Ps: Great start man, I suggest a more explosive scene :thumbsup: