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this is my first concept sketch, it’s a crazy race of mens on pockets bikes on a highway, they invade the highway like an army of ants forcing the cars to park itself. A mix of the chase on the highway in Matrix 2 and Jackass…now the question is : “is it possible in three months ?”…i’m doing to discover it quickly ! :slight_smile:


here is some pictures of references for the bikers on their pocket bikes…:slight_smile:



This will be very Funny! i loved
Good luck for u:thumbsup:
C ya


hi monks
man thats funny and a original one! like it very much…! maybe an accident at the background? :smiley:



Looks like a concept. I’m really interested. I can’t wait to see the final image. Good luck.


:thumbsup:Nice idea dude!
Your sketch make me crazy! An original idea with a good point of view, that will surely be Spectacular! :smiley:
Best luck and keep going



thanks for your encouragements guys :slight_smile:

yunisirees > for your idea of the accident in the background, I will think of it seriously !

i’m doing the modeling of the first pocket bike…pictures online as soon as possible !


How’bout some police presence? Some blue lights would brighten up the image.


this is the first part of the modeling of the generic pocket bike for the race. There will be alternatives on each motor bike (various textures and accessories).


it really looks like good .so cool .goodluck … :thumbsup:


Good concept and nice framing… that promise to be funny… I wil follow that with much interest :thumbsup:

Bonne continuation and best wishes Gregory :bounce:


haha :bounce:

Great idea, should be very funny. :smiley:


good luck!


Nice model dude!
It will be impressive for sure!!:love:

Keep the good work



thanks all for your coments :slight_smile:

> profg : for the police presence, i will think of it, but I don’t want to disturb the picture with too many elements.

> Lemog, Goul, Ramtin_moom, Anton Valiev & funkyboss :
thanks all for your support !! :scream:

to be continued…


i like the idea. this could be very funny. :stuck_out_tongue: i although like the camera angle. keep it up. i will watching you… :eek: :thumbsup:


héhé funny concept ! love the idea and the first mod of the pocket bike is really cool !
keeeeep it up !


Yep, yep, yep! One of the best concepts i’ve seen thus far. Hope you can pull it off.

Good luck.


yeah, it should be very interesting :slight_smile: