Spectacular 3D Entry: Glenn Dean


Jesus man… you’ve just created the most spectacular image and idea of all. Congratulations.


This is absolutely fantastic, once again. Way to go.:thumbsup: I would highly recommend toning down the wrinkles under the eye. Its a bit too much. It just seems out of place with the child’s skin.



Hi Glenn,

I agree with Brian, that the wrinkles under the eyes are a little too distinctive…no other crits, I just enjoy this impressive work…:slight_smile:



superb rendering and modeling there mate!
cheers man let the great work happen!


Thanks to all! I’ve toned down the eyelid creases and I like it better. Will post finish shortly.


Very nice work here. You definitely know how to make photoreal skin and models. I love to see such nice work.:thumbsup:


wow mate, i really man stunned with the quality for this image, im looking forward to seeing it all come togeather:bowdown:


Wow, this is truly beautiful. Very simple, and very well made. I really love the peach fuzz, it’s something I’ve always thought about, but never actually made in 3D. Definitely something that’s missing from a lot of close-up renders! Very realistic, and I agree that it adds that something extra to the image, for sure. Nice little folds under the eyes, as well. Looking good!:thumbsup: :applause:


This is so sweet, so soft render… the hair looks superb!
Keep it up!


Skin is looking Aces! :cool:


“To see a World in a grain of sand,
And a Heaven in a wild flower,
Hold Infinity in the palm of your hand And Eternity in an hour” William Blake

We are surrounded by a spectacular world that we forget to see. As we age our senses diminish in small degrees, but the first sense to go dissolves in an instant…The sense of wonder. Does age bring wisdom or does it bring a cynicism that clouds the world of miracles and amazements that once appeared before us, fragile as the surface of a bubble?


WOW! What a fantastic final image! This is truly spectacular, in both story telling and execution. I have stared at this one for quite a while.

I do have a couple of things, but I feel as though I am really s t r e c h i n g. The detail in the scene is fantastic, namely the boy, his hand and bubble. I can’t help but feel that the shirt and plastic bubble thing are a little bit behind. One other thing, and this is completly my opinion, I would have prefered a different crop.

Again, I find this image absolutely stunning. Congratulation and good luck!


wow dude this is spectacular indeed:thumbsup:

ur concept for this is very very cool, love it


That is really fantastic! Congrats for a stunning final :thumbsup:


hi man! congrats on an awesome image! :bounce: :bounce: … definitly one of my favourites .
cheers .


Wow, amazing. Sweet image, a lot messages on this piece. Congrats :applause:


Yay!! I’ve been waiting to for this for months. Great job man. :applause::buttrock:

Its so fantastic. This is front page stuff easy. I love it.



Hey Glenn,

Haven’t seen your thread before … I must say this is a stunning image , very simple but wonderful.:applause: :applause: Good job with this.


Although i have commented only one or two times in your thread i want u to know that i was watching your work in progress like nuts.
So sensitive and different. Trully one of my favourites. Congrats on an amazing final. :applause:


Holy smokes!! Amzing job man!:scream: Love the bubble!