Spectacular 3D Entry: Glenn Dean


Exellent idea and realisation :applause: great work :thumbsup:

Good luck :bounce:


Hi Glenn, I finally have time to congratulate you. Your work is one of my favorites, the idea is just simply wonderful, and realization is perfect :applause: Good luck mate I hope to see you next time, and have beautiful christmas :smiley:


Hi Glenn,

Thanks for your compliments! I’ve put up a revised image. I found a weird compositing glitch in the water – some kind of alpha channel artifact that didn’t belong there.

Thanks for your praise for my story too! This means a lot, especially from someone who appreciates the work of William Blake.


Well done Glenn, this is one of my favs in the 3d challenge so far.

Look upon the world as a bubble. Look upon it as a mirage. Death looks not at him who looks upon the world thus - Buddha



Thanks for the kind remarks and a special thanks for the quote.
I had always imagined a correlation between my image and the Hindu goddess Maya, but the connection to the Buddha is a revelation.
Again, thanks.


Amazing! - one of my favourites fur sure - a great piece of work! :thumbsup:


Brilliant piece of work. Great concept and execution. I can’t believe I somehow missed this one all during its creation.

Best of luck.


Thanks Chango and Rocketboy! This challenge was great fun and I look forward to the next.



congratulations, very original and creative thread.
This is my favorite, simple but efficient…you´re able to transmit the message with nothing but the essential.

Good Luck!!!


Wow , I never saw this until today, thanks to the judges, haha, great job!!!

interesting and inspiring (i immediately began to worry about the other
planets hanging from his fingers…)




Congratulations! Great finish! :slight_smile:




Cheers Glenn! :scream: i really believed that you will be in top list. A truly spectacular image


Big congrats, Glenn! I’m glad to see you on the pricelist :thumbsup:


Congratulations ! nice work ! good job !:beer:


Congratulations! Very good quality image!


Hi, Congratulation for your price and your great image.
E.T :cool:


Hi Glenn,

Congratulations, I knew you’d get a prize!

Keep up the great work!


Congrats man…from your concept this showed the way it will make…fantastic image…congrats. :slight_smile:


Congratulations. Great image.


Congratulations Glenn! nice and well done from the begining! enjoy your price, and feel proud of yourself! :thumbsup::thumbsup::thumbsup::slight_smile: