Spectacular 3D Entry: Glenn Dean


Hi Glenn,

It’s a pleasure to meet you. Your work is amazing!

About the rendering issue, you might want to try rendering in passes at full res and compositing the channels using different transfer modes in Photoshop. This is what many renderers do internally anyway, but this will give you much more control over the final product and give you a little more artistic flexibility.

If that doesn’t work, or if your renderer has a maximum pixel limit, you can break up your rendering into eight or so sections. Here’s how it works:

First, render out nothing but the alpha channel. This doesn’t have to be at full res but it needs to be as big as you can render it. Next, create a numbered grid of eight or so squares in Photoshop, matching the proportions of your intended rendered image. Each square can be a different color, like red and green, but they should be labeled.

Second, use the grid as a background plate. If your 3D software allows you to use a background image along with an alpha mask, then this would be best and you can ignore the very first step.

Next, drag a section marquee around the first background grid square (with your model if the foreground, of-course). Make sure to go a couple pixels beyond the grid lines. Some if not most of the grid squares might be obscured by your model but the important thing is to see just two intersecting lines so you can line them up in Photoshop. Render this section at full resolution. Do this for the remaining squares.

Finally, in Photoshop, create a file with the same proportions and desired resolution and up-sample just the alpha channel, if you couldn’t render it along with the background, and use this as a layer mask (reveal all) for the foreground image. If you could include the alpha channel along with each grid square, then ignore this last step (this would be best). On a layer, bring in your grid (the one you used for your background image) and size it to fit proportionately. Last thing – bring in each full-res rendered section as a layer and align the over-leaved edges of the grid lines. It might be helpful to turn down the opacity of each layer while checking the alignment.

That’s it.

Hope this helps!


Amazing work!

I do agree with harryb! its a good way… but there is another way to try…I had the same situation and it helped :

Optimize mr memmory limits : u can try BSP or large BSP (for heavy scenes) , change BSP settings : BSP size > increase (this will use less memmory but will be slower) and BSP depth.

Hope this will help!



Nice image, simple but great, good luck!


Claudio, Harry and Arnas. Thanks so much for your advice! I probably don’t have time to get it done on this piece but I know the render regions tip will save my ass in the future. The image looks pretty tight at 2048 by 2700 and hopefully that’ll be good enough for now.
Very generous and helpful group here! Good on you all!



What a final piece my friend, but… we need the story :scream:

Godd luck mate, and thanks for the mention


Exellent idea and realisation :applause: great work :thumbsup:

Good luck :bounce:


Hi Glenn, I finally have time to congratulate you. Your work is one of my favorites, the idea is just simply wonderful, and realization is perfect :applause: Good luck mate I hope to see you next time, and have beautiful christmas :smiley:


Hi Glenn,

Thanks for your compliments! I’ve put up a revised image. I found a weird compositing glitch in the water – some kind of alpha channel artifact that didn’t belong there.

Thanks for your praise for my story too! This means a lot, especially from someone who appreciates the work of William Blake.


Well done Glenn, this is one of my favs in the 3d challenge so far.

Look upon the world as a bubble. Look upon it as a mirage. Death looks not at him who looks upon the world thus - Buddha



Thanks for the kind remarks and a special thanks for the quote.
I had always imagined a correlation between my image and the Hindu goddess Maya, but the connection to the Buddha is a revelation.
Again, thanks.


Amazing! - one of my favourites fur sure - a great piece of work! :thumbsup:


Brilliant piece of work. Great concept and execution. I can’t believe I somehow missed this one all during its creation.

Best of luck.


Thanks Chango and Rocketboy! This challenge was great fun and I look forward to the next.



congratulations, very original and creative thread.
This is my favorite, simple but efficient…you´re able to transmit the message with nothing but the essential.

Good Luck!!!


Wow , I never saw this until today, thanks to the judges, haha, great job!!!

interesting and inspiring (i immediately began to worry about the other
planets hanging from his fingers…)




Congratulations! Great finish! :slight_smile:




Cheers Glenn! :scream: i really believed that you will be in top list. A truly spectacular image


Big congrats, Glenn! I’m glad to see you on the pricelist :thumbsup:


Congratulations ! nice work ! good job !:beer:


Congratulations! Very good quality image!