Spectacular 3D Entry: Glenn Dean


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First time posting.
This has been a 2d image that’s been with me a long time. I first did it as an airbrush painting many years ago. Thought it was time to bring it into zed.
The concept is the spectacular of the small.
“To see a world in a grain of sand,
And heaven in a wild flower,
Hold infinity in the palm of your hand
And eternity in an hour.”
William Blake

It’s also an allusion to the goddess who dreams the world.

Models to come soon.


early model of bubble blowing girl


hmmm…that’s Really interesting…you can Make a Really Wonderful piece out of it:thumbsup: Keep it up…we’re About Half way there,till the end of Challenge:)


modeling update


nice concept:thumbsup:


I first had this idea when I noticed that the turbulence patterns on Saturn and Jupiter resembled the turbulence bands on a soap bubble.


Modeling pretty much done. Starting to play around with single light and HDRI


Working on skin shader. Oren Nayer. Have to work on bump. I think I’ll add peach fuzz in post.


Really nice Textures man I really like how it looks the skin shader. You should post more WIP :thumbsup:. The cloth looks a little extrange to me Specialluy in the part were it blends with the model I can see some kind of glow betwen them.:slight_smile: Good luck


Yeah you’re right about the glow thing. It seems when I get enough photons bouncing around to pick up the skin the shirt gets glowy. Maybe I can map the irradiance color to control it. never tried that.


Great work on texturing, really amazing. I´m modelling a baby now, i´d really I apreciate if you share some of your tips :). Cheers


I’ve missed this before :sad: - perhaps cause you showed not so much of your wip. This is amazing, Glenn:thumbsup: . Very nice concept and great modeling…Only crit so far is mentioned before…and perhaps it would be nice to see more of the bubble texture…I’ll watch your progress now!:bounce:



This is really really good. I’ve been following this entry for a while and wondering how it would turn out in the end. The ends not here yet, but I just had to comment on how great its looking. Fantastic render. I’m liking this one alot.



Thanks for putting me on your “keep checking” lists. My own list of favorite images is growing as long as Paris Hilton’s “things I suck at” list!
I’ll try to update with some more wip"s but the concept is so small and simple there’s not really a lot to show, but I do have a few quirky approaches I’ll share.
Thanks all.


very nice. I do not know if the head is finnished but I thing it woud need more and stronger expression. Mostly U shoud do something with eyes. Gr8


Hey very nice!

I just wanted to say that a childs skin is much smoother then an adults :wink:


I like it…but agree with pluMmet about skin


Wonderful! First time I see this - and I really like your concept. Great modeling and texturing too, will you put the earth back in the bubble mixed with the reflection of the child?

Really impressive work :thumbsup:


Looks very good, texturing and shading is very strong man,u can work a bit more with bumps i think they too rough.