Spectacular 3D Entry: Gil Marras


Very nice work so far
and nice sketch
good luck


I viewed your last image, I think the alien spaceship must be more “bump”.

The ice material is good but very flat, the sss simulation can be more contrast.



This is a very cool idea - execute it well, and you have a great image on your hands.


Hello Shortgrey, I agree with the suggestions of romelalgo. You are going just fine.


Thx guys i know i have a lot to do, i’m working on it , i agree with those suggestions.


Just playing with my comet.


Just a test for texturing the iceberg.


The iceberg test looks pretty promising! What about working some hard edges in there somewhere too?`



Waiting for updates.


Good luck for ice. I know the problem:D


Hi guys, sorry for the lack of updates but i have been busy at work for too much time.
But i’m still working on it.
i keep the pressure ^^.


Just playing with particules, still a lot of work to do…


Added some meteor, the particules are not very good must work on that.


I am playing with my particules, i think a thinner smoke is better.


Hi, the thinner is better, but more chaos in the particles is neccesary. The ships are everywhere, is not good, and the particles angle of drop are erratic, could you give to scene a direction or order.
Don’t have a lights in the scene? The ice material don’t working good, more roughness please.
The background to the night, is rare. Excuse me these observations, I really like your concept and I want to improve it.


Thx Romelalgo, all your words are right, i’m working on it as soon as possible.


After romelalgo words i changed some things ( thx man ).

Still a lot of work to do.


added the depht and shadow pass, modified the particules a little.


This will be my final modeling for this challenge.


Drop Zone Antartica

28 August 1999 :

Apocalypse 16: 7th Cup of Apocalypse.
<< And there fell upon men a great hail out of heaven, every stone about the weight of a talent: and men blasphemed God because of the plague of the hail; for the plague of it was exceeding great. >>.

All started thus in this morning of August, the first waves broke zenith to come to strike the Antarctic ground. Inside the subsonic comets, the thyxotropic capsules prepare has to release the virus alien ’ Apocaluptis '. Today, slowly, the end of the man start.