Spectacular 3D Entry: Gil Marras


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Latest Update: Final Image: Drop Zone Antartica


good luck Shortgrey


The Best : Thx man first challenge here, so i will certainly need a lot of luck :wink:


The 7th cup of the apocalypse, alienside D-DAY.


Goodluck. Like the concept. I’m curious of what it will be.


Lookign like a very grande scene. Good luck, man :slight_smile: the sketch looks cool.


Great concept - looking forward to seeing more.


Good luck…!


More info:

Apocalypse 16: 7th Cup of Apocalypse ( Apocaliptus in greek )
<< And there fell upon men a great hail out of heaven, every stone about the weight of a talent: and men blasphemed God because of the plague of the hail; for the plague of it was exceeding great. >>.

Sub-sonic ice comet, with thyxotropic alien’s capsule falling on antartica.
Prelude to an invasion, alien’s D-DAY.


I can see this looking spectacular, nice concept


This could potentially look spectacular, it seems to have the scope to do so

Best of luck!


Love the concept mate, Really nice, I can imagine it in my mind.
I wonder how you will make it more original in design.

Id like the oppotunity to do some ice in my entry too :slight_smile:


Just a little W.I.P.


Your pen sketch is awesome, good luck. :thumbsup:


romelalgo, Clanger, superslug, Magnemar : Thx men.

stripe : ice is a challenge :wink:

sloggo : Will do my best thx.


Hey Shortgrey, you certainly captured my attention. I’ll be watching you :slight_smile:


Just testing before continuing the modeling session…


Awesome concept and wicked camera angle, can’t wait for updates.


Great work so far, I agree that camera angle is nice, watch out with the stars they seem big but I’m sure it’s a temporary background.


ar LutiK : yes it’s a temporary background but you are right the stars seems too big.
will change that for sure :wink: