Spectacular 3D Entry: Gerardo Damian Barbero


DJ_Fleury: i try with the wings but i don´t have good results, and yes is an snake creature more than a dragon is not importan for me… is an extrange creaure, tnaks for the crit.
ArtisticVisions: tha texture is coming in a moment…
authentic: yes, maybe i am going to remove the tail in the rock…:hmm:
thierry2005,DimitrisLiatsos: thanks for the comments and good wishes!!:beer:


this is the texturing for the creature, i put many colors so the creature stands out of the background, i am going to addt the composition very soon, crit are welcome!


very nice stuff :thumbsup:


like the colors, the blue eyes make him look like he have intelligence… :applause: like he thinks, hmm… I have an urge to destroy, where can I start…


Great dragon and the texturing is awesome.Is it getting any teeth?


great dragon, the texturin is just great. and the escene is looking good:thumbsup:


Very cool concept! Texturing is great!..
Hoping for some teeth also?

Keep it up! :thumbsup:


nothing to say, just wanne clap my hands for you :applause: …



I don’t speack to much english but I whant to tell you…
the image is amazin… and the concept… but I think the Dragon
need someting more spectacular…

I think is more spectacular seeing the dragon comin out, than seeing stand it there…
just stay there…
the size… I realy need to see a bigger dragon… even If I just see his Mouth and the eyes coming out… well… the complete head… and the Claws Pushing up… that! could be more spectacular… the acction…

well… hope you understand mi english… jejeje…
congratulation on this amazing work



Great texturing and lightning in this bug-snake, waiting the composite


visualact.com,makaron,melkao,mac_andre,ilusiondigital: thanks again for the comments, the update is coming…
SONIC-X,MichaelMotion: i try but i don´t like the result, i like a more Pacific creature.
okjoss: i try to resize the dragon is the only thing that I can do at this moment, but i think that it is not necessary that there is a violent action to be spectacular, I want a pacific scene, I want to give him a different approach to the spectacular theme (sorry for the english i hope you understand) anyway i am going to put now a composition with a more big creature i think that is a good change to make the moment more spectacular, thanks for the crit. and suggestion.:thumbsup:


i have added two sizes for the dragon, i don´t sure about wich is betther, i think the big increase the spectacular effect to the scene, suggestion will be of much aid, i have update some elements in the scene more trees, plants etc. still missing the waterfall effect i have to work in this and the background mountains, dof effect… etc


They are both great, at the moment I d say go with the bigger one… but either one is great!


I think the dragon to the right, the bigger one is best… :bounce:


whoops double post!


It’s difficult to say, but I think that first is better, it looks more kingly, anyway both looks great.


definily the size help the dragon… now is caching the atention…

No te preocupes por el ingles… el mio es peor
definitivamente le ayuda el tamaño…
tu punto de vista es muy bueno tambien, al querer una escena mas
tranquila pero siempre espectacular… muy bueno



Hi Gerardo! Me is again checking your thread! :wink:

First of all your progression is greeaaaat! Your image looks really fabulous yet! :bounce:

Second of all: I think that first image would be the best composition. In the second one the dragon is tóó heavy ‘there’. People that are looking to the image will - however you place the dragon - first see that dragon. Also, in the first image, the dragon seems to have much more ways of movement; he can very sneaky ‘attack’ if he’d wish. So picking the first image will bring more ‘spectacular-ity’ in you imagination - when you think deeper of the image…!

Have lots of good luck! :slight_smile:


Cool man. that looks awesome…

Hey mi preferencia personal seria la de la izquierda, me parece mejor compuesta, no creo que mas grande sea sinonimo de mas espectacular, pero bueno es cierto que las dos imagenes están muy buenas…



awesome,gosh i should drop by th 3d challenge more often,the 2nd one seems alil too cramp up with space,the 1st one have a better compositional value.keep going mate~i dig where u r heading:thumbsup: