Spectacular 3D Entry: Gerardo Damian Barbero


Looking realy good.Interesting creature you settled on ,love to see the creature progress.


danielkenobi: yes, but it is not so important that it is a dragon, and yes probably be a pokemon creature!!!

melkao,ilusiondigital,adel3d: really thanks fo the comments!!!:smiley:

maurodelia:yes, the dragon is only an sketch.


Very very very cool image!

I like the composition and creature design!!! :thumbsup: The only crit: I think you need to add some bright color spots to your scene. Maybe some flowers on the ground and red/yellow lines on the creature skin. Just to make the image look more interesting and to catch the viewers eyes on something.

But anyway - cool! As already was said - it looks very much like mattepainting!
Good luck!


Awesome, this one is the best comparing with another three before, waiting to see it in 3d


yeah! great! huge monster! it’ll be really something when the details are balanced in this scene!:thumbsup:


Excellent work, the env and colors are so well saturated.Keep this up man:thumbsup:


-Flash-: yes a good idea!! thanks:)
Crying Horn,Madlight_1988,Mr Micro26: thanks for the comments!:thumbsup:


creature modeling, and a quick composition, now i am working in the texture, crit are welcome.


I loved your entry! Very detailed, composition is excellent, and overall is very cool!!:applause:
But I think that the creature is like a snake/worm and was better when it was like dragon or something like this. Put some claws, or perhaps wings…:shrug: Good Luck!:thumbsup:


A wonderous creature this dragon is that you’ve created, Smooth. :thumbsup:
For the texture, my thought is to give the dragon a different hue than the enviroment to really make it stand out and draw the viewers’ to it.


Your creature is really really great . Congratulations. Hope it 'll work with texture. Nothing to crit really; Just not fond of the arm taking over the rock but it’s a personnal opinion, nothing shocking.


´The dragon is coming along really nicelyt! This one is definitely a conteder.


The creature looks great .Can’t wait to see the textures and what colors you have in mind for it.


WOW alsome image man, composition looks great, can’t wait to see more. Will the dragon have teeth?


Great work!:thumbsup:


whoa…flashback…leviathan…awesome work overall…u need some treatmant…u r sick!:eek:


Fantastic monster !


very nice monster :thumbsup:


One nicely done dragon! Hey I kind of like them too, hehe! Beautiful overall result:arteest:


This is definitely in the final row of winners me thinks…:bounce: