Spectacular 3D Entry: Gerardo Damian Barbero


wooow…okayy someone call a doctor cause this is sick…at first i thaught this was a matte painting… RESPECT:eek:


Hey Gerardo, I could tell that your work is truly amazing and things like that… but instead, I’m just gonna look at your image, and let myself go there… maybe lay down under that wonderful tree, and be delighted with this spectacular moment.


Great progress man :thumbsup:

I`m more in favor of the secoond dragon pose beacause we see more of the wings and it creates a more powerful view.

Keep this way :bounce:


Gee, very impressive work, congrats man! I do think the first one will be more efficient and spectacular, though the pose of the second is really cool too.:thumbsup:


nebezial,claudio_jordao,Nomad,thierry2005: thanks for the comments and suggestions i am going to choose the first option, to follow the sketch idea.:slight_smile:


i think this is going to be the final position,for the creature, i have to start the modeling in z-brush and add all the details, i am not sure about the tentacles but for now is a test, crit will be apreciated.


I dont really like the tentacle that is grabing the stone, I know that maybe you put it, to make it more integrated with the environment but it doesnt seem like a dragon any more, now it looks more like a pokemon creature.


Wow…at the begining i thought it was a drawing…very beautiful work…if u achieve the same kind of detail of env on the Dragon too…well…this is truly spectacular…:slight_smile:



Thanks for such an inspiring piece so far Gerardo!


The grass in the foreground seems a little too specular maybe And the beast appears to me a little static atm… I’m sure you’ve great plans for him tho… Keep it coming:buttrock:


absolutely spectacular! I love the environment so far!


oh man why the hell i didnt saw this one before!!..a** kicking work dude!:scream::applause:…very impresiive


Fantastic. Without the wings your creature works better. Its much bigger now and fits better in the environment.
I´m looking forward to see your zbrushed version :smiley:


If this isn’t spectacular scene,then i dont know what is.
Imagine,walking arround,minding your own tourist bussines,taking nice photos of ancient quasi china architecture,
admiring beautyfoul nature,and spectacular waterfalls,and without any warning,gigantic
serpent dragon like creature emerges from deep canyon.

It is spectacular.

Keep up.


i just love it !
I just think that the monster could get a little more details an texture. Maybe a wet and slime one.


Im oficially jealous of your entry! trully inspiring stuff!

Thank you!

Crits, what crits?


Great details man… I really like your style:thumbsup:


now I´m waiting for the dragon to emerge in all his glory… :thumbsup: in detail…


mmmmmm. thats a beautiful escene:love:, is the only thin i can say…good work:buttrock:


Wow, the environment is outstanding.

Good luck


Excellent !
my Favorites work:thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup: