Spectacular 3D Entry: Gerardo Damian Barbero


watching you images, i think you have the right sensible feeling to create good looking nature elements. keep it up. please end this entry… :wink: :drool:


mmoir,dvelasco,Steampunk,AmazingC,danielkenobi,3rd user,vampeta,mac_andre: thanks to all, for the comments and good wishes:thumbsup: , at last i found some free time to work in this image i am going to update very soon, with a little of luck i hope to finish in time!!


a long time from my last post, here is the lighting of the scene, i have add more elements, and a big waterfall in the background, i have to add more trees and plant, this is only to show the lighting, i am going to put a compositing with textures tomorrow, like always crit are very welcome.


WoW! this looks so spectacular :scream:

I like your idea very much, it looks better and better! I look foward to see it finished :thumbsup: Keep great working!


greate work. i have an importand question help me on it.
how did you build mountains? did you use any plug-in?
which software do you use for your work?
please answer me and help me on my forum.
my id = siamak_cgm (you can search siamak roshani and find my forum)
i will be happy.


rawwad,siamak_cgm: thanks, the software used is max 7, render with final-render, the mountains are modeling in z-brush and retouched in photoshop(adding more detail in the rocks) still have to be colored and i have to add some trees in the top, i am going to check your forum. cheers!!:thumbsup:


I like the landscape, you choose a good shoot too!


wow…Cool,your back again !! Good to know…Cant say anything about the image,it’s wonderful:thumbsup: Keep it up


I have to work in the waterfalls, and in the right side of the image, (the little tunnel)i am working in the position of the dragon well… still much work to do and the crit are very welcome!


Wow… Indeed spectacular… :drool: :scream:

Really truely awesome to see such a dreamy (and creamy :wink: ) idea for this theme…! Really original execution of the theme! Really cool to see ‘you’re the same guy as the one with that very awesome GSO-entry’! :scream:

The detail and peace in your image are really awesome… Man… When does the next plane to that place depart? :rolleyes: :smiley:

Only crit (well… you asked for crit, so I give it), is that the background may be a bit tóó desaturated. The real background may be so gray, but I think the stuff along the waterfall may have some bits more color. Especially on the left where that road leads to a house on the dept-level of the waterfall, the color shifts a bit weird (that road is still full of color, that building is very desaturated…).

Have tons of fun and lots of luck! Your (one of) the best! :thumbsup:


Dutchman: i really apreciate your words and crit, is true, the background and the house, is to gray, in fact i have to add color to the rocks, and the house, for now is only a test to see all together, now i am fighting with the dragon!! again thanks for the crit!!.:thumbsup:


It’s a really beautiful landscape:thumbsup:


Really beautiful work. My one crit would be the size of the oak tree on the right side. It looks maybe a little small in comparison to the one on the left. It looks like it was shortened to allow the viewer to see all the buildings in the background, but maybe it could be made to be something else. It just threw off the depth and perspective for me when I first saw it. Either way the image is coming along very well. A great piece.


Wow -the enviroment is amazing. Very Fantasy look You have achived…:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: Serious only Crit I have -> the Sky it’s the wakest part of this image. Can’t wait to see some dragons out there! - cheers


amazing work so far - what hardware u use if u make mountain in zb :slight_smile: it must be a lot of polys :] ? can we see some wires ? and one more - do render the scene with separate layer ? your pc must me a monster :slight_smile: w8 for more.


Maxter: thanks!!
Novacaine: thanks for the crit. i think the problem is in the dof effect the left tree is a giant tree this is the idea but the problem is the depth of the scene, i am going to work in this!
the_fgdf: thanks! the sky is only a test, i am planning to add decent clouds!!
hindus: i am going to add some wires of the mountains, the background (rocks and waterfall) have aprox 500.000 pol. my pc: p4 2.4c 1gb ram ddr 400 geforcefx 5900xt, and i render the elements in separate layers and compose in photoshop.:thumbsup:


Hi, waouwww, nice upadte here, lot of time i didn’t comes, your tree and background are really really cool!! :bounce:

Waiting to see more man!! Keep it going!! :beer:


Really nice modeling I think everithing is Just perfect. I relly like that the background is kind of desaturated. I think that will push the dragon to the eye of the viewer. Could you post some shots closer of the stones? I want to give miself an Idea of how you texture it. Did you import the trees fom vue? or are you using another application for the creation of plants and trees?


This is great :thumbsup:

One crit, if you can try to vary the color/texture of your leaves in the left tree then it will look much better.

Good work, keep us updated :bounce:


Dude, I die a little every time I see your thread. Such beautiful work.