Spectacular 3D Entry: Gerardo Damian Barbero


Yeah! Nice work man. Like yunisirees said… very good.


mmoir,Yongkiat,H N Phan,yunisirees,claudio_jordao: thanks I am glad that they like.:bounce:
LiquidSpider: don´t worry about the dragon is only a bad sketch, is going to be more “intense”, thanks for the suggestion.:thumbsup:
ugnmoooo: the grass is made with shag and fur extension in max 7.:slight_smile:


This is really a stunning scenery. I hope you can keep a lot of the rythm of the first sketch - the graphical approach in laying out the shapes works really well here :thumbsup:
And that tree is of course very good too, I will follow this for sure.


very nice result on the tree and the foliage !


yup really great result on that tree!
good work so far dude :thumbsup:


i love your tree man…Just Amazing:thumbsup:


it has spent long time from last upload, it is possible that I do not have the necessary time to finish this challenge, i am going to start a new job and my free time is very little, anyway I am going to follow submiting my slow progress.
ok, i add a big tree, and a little bridge , still have to work in some texturing, and other parts and i am going to add maybe more trees in some parts, well this is all for now, crit. are always welcome.!


impressive modelisation and texture. Congratulations.


Just beautiful, simply beautiful scene you made there. Keep on going, I am looking forward to your work.


The foliage just simply looks gorgeous! Keep up! :scream:


This is looking great ,beautifull concept that is going to look awesome and spectacular if what you have done so far are anything to go by.

Will keep an eye out for more updates.


looks great! keep your apdate :thumbsup: and good luck!


Thanks to all, for the comments, i hope to find the time to finish this challenge!:bounce:


Hey Gerardo,

Thats a nice looking foreground :thumbsup: , I hope you have time to finish it and good luck with the new job.


Wow, very nice foreground. I had´t seen this one in awhile, but the image strcuk me at first as being a real contender in regards to the topic. I´m really curious as to how you´re going to model that dragon :).


ohhh.looks very nice !!~Congratulations.:thumbsup:


Unbelievably realistic. Excellent modeling! I’ll be watching this entry with great interest.


Impresive :eek: Great skills


man…you’re back again, yet with another amazing wip:thumbsup: keep the good works up


Ahhh the master of details is back :)))

Nice to see you in here and good luck in the Challenge!
Awesome work so far! kepp it on!

Cheers Alex