Spectacular 3D Entry: Gerardo Damian Barbero


Okay this has the potential to be great. Really looking forward to it.




Hey Gerardo,

I really like the Concept sketch, it has the scale, architectural detal and landscape detail blended together into a great sketch. Good luck bringing this image to reality , I am looking forward to it.


Wow. Nice sketch. This will look awesome rendered.
What program are you going to use for the foliage?



looking so great so far…nice growth:thumbsup:


Hello! :slight_smile:

I like the concept, and the sketches are amazing…well done!!
The color and ambiant… i already like!!!

Want to see more…!:thumbsup:


Damn, it’s great to see you here with your great ideas again :scream: Have fun!


HammaJamma,(o)ne,mmoir,3rd user,SuperXCM: thanks again for the comments!!:thumbsup:

detached: i am planing to use speed tree for the foilage of some trees,but for the rest i am going to use 3ds max standard modeling.:slight_smile:
Crying Horn: of sure will be fun!!!:bounce:


Man you’re too used to winning…try losing for a change hahaha!:scream: Nice concept you got, and judging by your skill you should have no problem finishing this piece.

Cheers, I’m watching(again)


Hi Gerardo… great sketch, the concept looks awesome

Good luck:thumbsup:


smooth: the skecth is cool. The challenge look really promicing


Very nice Smooth-Criminal, very nice inded… I’m anxious for the 3D.


Whoah Smooth-Criminal… Killer concept! Most awe inspiring already:thumbsup: Good luck


starting to model the tree, basic model in max and the rest in zbrush, with displacemnt and normal map, i use scater for the plants a plane with the texture and the opacity map, the grass is made with hair and fur tool in max 7 and the foliage of the tree is made with speed tree plugin, still needs some retouch and other elements are missing, well this is for now i have many things to model!! sugestions are welcome


Hey Gerardo ,

The foreground trees and grass look excellent, the colors and textures seem just about right. Great job all round here.:thumbsup:


Thats a pretty neat idea, i like that huge dragon comming out, but in your sketch… he seems a bit plain… no… thats not the word… umm… dynamic… when i saw your sketch, i thought it would look way more badass if he was doing some sort of corkscrew motion as he was comming out of the clouds… and really spread those huge wings would look pretty intense i think…

either way man, good luck, I think you will do pretty good either way. :slight_smile:


That is going great guns. I was wondering how you did that grass. Was it a plugin or what.


The tree and the foliage look extremely realistic…Such a wonderful image you have.


very very nice, I love the amount of leaves, good work!


thats definitly one of the best trees and grass!:thumbsup:
cheers man!