Spectacular 3D Entry: Gerardo Damian Barbero


• Welcome on board Damian! wish u tons of fun and great work on that sketch, waiting for development! :thumbsup:


that’s just Nice :thumbsup: good Luck Man


Excelent … very unique and for sure with a spectacular result !


superslug,andreas_V,brother_of_veg,Runefall,Opelfruits,the_fgdf,Kid Mesh,ar LutiK,ar LutiK,Climax,3rd user,jddog: Tanks for all the good wishes!!!:bounce:

Miezis: i am planning to add waterfals in the near mountains(don´t worry my english need more polishing than yours!!:smiley: )
eYadNesS: i think to make the dragon emerge from water, but i choose clouds (i have to draw them better) maybe the water is going to be a better idea for the dragon I am going to see that it happens!!:slight_smile:
archerx: i hope, i never make one!!


Wow, the dragon looks cool. It’s a very promising piece. Keep on posting



Yeah, that would make for a spectacular sight. :thumbsup:


dude, just wanted to say good luck and your concept is my favourite seen so far. If it turns out anyway like im picturing it in my head its going to be beautiful and jaw dropping.

Have fun!


I like dragon. Good luck.


Great concept - Will be fantastic if you can keep the sense of scale!


Love the concept. Can’t wait for more!:thumbsup:


This is beautyfoul sketch man…im sticking with this thread,wonder how this finishes…


Looks spectucular already, cool concept man:thumbsup:


Love the concept :wink: Have fun modelling!


:slight_smile: I think this will be a nice concept, if pulled off correctly.


Hello Smooth-Criminal, what a beautiful idea… I love it. Keep it up.


hi Smooth-Criminal . thats one fiery concept. keep the work up mate!


thanks to all, i am going to start the modeling tomorrow (rocks, mountains and trees) i hope to update soon.:bounce:


awaiting the models… :bounce:




playing with the sketch, painting some elements,only to clarify my ideas, i am going to add others elements to make the moment more spectacular, suggestions are welcome.