Spectacular 3D Entry: Gerardo Damian Barbero


Wow, such detail in your work. I with I had time to do things like these. I have to work on my details next time around. Anyway good luck! Awesome work!


Congratulations Dude for this beautifull final image, looks awesome:applause: :applause: Very nice story and good mood, great job:thumbsup:


Hey Gerardo,

Great finish to your image, you have a very vibrant and impressive image:thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup: I like everything about the image,from background to foreground, good luck with this.


congratulation for finished this awesome image , detail is very high and story is great too! good luck to you !


:beer: Really nice.


well…what i can say?..Damn!:twisted:…please, that is a kick in the:cry:…you should to have prohibited to get in the challenges to give us a chance, my master :bowdown:…what a great final image…good luck:drool:


Congratulation man…awesome work and for sure one of my favourites… :slight_smile:


Great work man :applause:

Absolutely stunning idea and final image :eek:

Good luck :buttrock:


Awesome Dude!

It´s incredibe how you manage to create this huge environments every time.

Absolut fabulous! :thumbsup: :applause: & 4 sure one of the top 10 this time

Cheers :beer: Alex


Wonderful, just wonderful! Congratulations :thumbsup:


the scene is incredible ! :bounce: :bounce: … congratulations!
cheers and goodluck Smooth-Criminal !


YOINKS What an atmospheric piece Gerardo… Congrats on a fine process and a totally stunning final!:applause:


Beautiful work…my congratiulations!




Beautiful final image! The ligthing and colouring are fantasitc and give the image a wonderful sense of depth and realism, while still looking magical. You’re done an amazing job on the trees (which is an impressive feat in 3d), and the buildings and landscape blend together very well. Great stuff. Alexi.


Congratulations!:deal: :beer:


Hi Gerardo, amazing work. CONGRATULATIONS for your master piece and good luck :applause:


Yeah, wonderful work man, it really attracts an eye. The dragon and environment looks really spectacular. Good luck! and cheers :beer:


Hehe, are my eyes cheating or that background is inspired from LotR tFotR? Well here is the matte painting they used…you did a good job :thumbsup:


Hi, very nice work man, great picture you’ve done. Fantastic composition and beautiful colours. Good luck for the final result :thumbsup: :slight_smile:


Love the creature designa nd the detail in your modelling! alsome entry! Congrats on your final and best of luck!:thumbsup: