Spectacular 3D Entry: Gerardo Damian Barbero


I prefer him bigger. A little crit, I think his color is too much like the bg color.


I’d say the second one is much better, not only for the size but also for the shape of the dragon. In the second one the dragon seems to have better stability and that increase his impact on the scene.

Great picture anyway


hey man, you don’t get tired, making cool things to this spectacular escene?:banghead:


It looks stunning, mystical. Keep it up!


really thanks for all the crit and sggestion, I chose an intermediate size for the dragon not too big and not to small, i am going to put the update in a moment. thanks!:thumbsup:


well this is the update, i add more details to the background and other parts, still need some rotouch maybe in the fog and dof effect i think, wel the seggestions will be welcome!


Hey Gerardo,

I really like the mood of your image and the depth in the image is excellently done:thumbsup: . I like the sky as well. I think the dragon blends in too much with the background and I think the skin could be slightly darker.

Anyways , you have done an excellent job on this.


yes, but in the big version of the image is more dark try to look the full resolution image, the small image in th thread is more desaturated i don´t know why, anyway i am going to work in this thanks!


That’s very beautifull :cool:


mmmmmm:shrug:aaaaaaaaa…what a… you are a…i mean wow:eek:


This is just awesome.Congrats with a beautifull scene.


Great comp, I think the dragon’s eye looks am… dead… his look looks stupid a bit, maybe you should rotate his eye so he would look at something, for ex. at building, on the left. Good luck:wip:


I really like they way the creature’s color mimics the rocks. It helps amplify your story that he is as ancient as the stones. In your original sketches you have water streaming off him like the waterfalls around him. I liked that. Maybe some googling on breaching whales could give you some nice water effects to add.
Very, very beautiful!



Uf great image, mate.

Only one crit, the eyes and mouth of the giant monster.

Chau amigo Gerardo y mucha suerte


This is an amazing image - congrats!

I agree with Glenn about the good with having the creature almost rock colored - very nice!

Maybe you could make a bit more DoF for the background cliff and forrest to imrove the sense of depth even more. But frankly, it’s beautiful as it is :thumbsup:


beautifull image.
I got 2 suggestions ya might wanna try with the time left -

1 - try adding some quick tiny people standing on that “balconi”. it could really make a difference with the sence of scale.

2 - I think the creatue is too “stone - shaded”, maybe ya went for this on purpuse, but I’d seriusly suggest trying it with SSS. I think it could really improve it.


helloooo… man… wow… nice pic

only crit is the leaves on the big tree look all the same…



Haha it’s great - beautiful!
Zman has right Adding some people may put even more life to our image. Why not to try!!


Wow… beatiful piece. This is definitely one of the nicest 3D images Ive seen so far. Definitely stands out. I like the softness of the mist toward the bottom of the waterfall. Such a nice touch. Hats off:applause:


i really like the shader for your monster and his eyes make him alive!!
congratulation for tis nice piece of work