Spectacular 3D Entry: Gerardo Damian Barbero


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Good luck dude :thumbsup:


Best of luck, Gerardo. I’ll be watching. :slight_smile:


all the best gerardo


Best of luck Gerardo and have loadsa fun! Now go and rock em all! :bounce: :wip: :beer:


hey Gerardo good to c u joining… really enjoyed ur past entries… now i’m waiting for what spectaculer image u come up this time… best of luck man :thumbsup:


Hi! glad to see you again! have fun and good luck man!


hi Gerardo and good luck !


This is the idea that i am working on, still missing some elements in the bottom part, maybe i am going to add some people, i don´t know yet, the idea is an espectacular event that happens every 100 years , the waking up of the ancient dragoon which emerges between clouds and this event is waited for the settlers of this kingdom, (still need to review the history) suggestions are very welcome!.


good luck Smooth!


Very good idea!
Concept looks promising, should be a great image!
Good luck and have fun.


Looks interesting, look forward to seeing further development.



Nice, its good to see some eastern dragons for a change! It’d be cool if you could do the image in the same style as those old japanese landscape paintings, with the very phallic shaped mountains wreathed in curtains of mist.


incredible concept, hope it goes well


I enjoy this idea very much I love dragons…just make it spectacular cheers!


:eek: Incredible conceptual pic thus far…this looks great.


Very cool concept, good luck.


a fantastic concept! exactly the right amount of spectacularity!!!
you could add a waterfall at the background! Just a thought… that will give a great feel of magnitude to the picture - and also a place for the dragon to move out of. Crap, my english needs some polishing! :argh:


Wow, great… I liked how you drawn the water…

Nice job, keep it up :slight_smile:


love the concept and you can’t go wrong with dragons!