Spectacular 3D Entry: Gerard Jaran


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Great to see you joined. Good luck:thumbsup:


Well here’s my idea, and it came to me right away what is a good sign

Lately I’ve been working on an animation of an Humback making a breach for the GLU3D contest, but I was working with a model i had but didn’t do since the contest focus on animation and not modeling (and lack of time).

So I will model one for this contest, but a Humpback ain’t spectacular enough yet, so I decided to go with the biggest whale of all the Blue whale good start.

But I need it to do something spectacular, we all know humpack can do more then breach but jump out of the water like dolphins and Killer whales, but do blue whales jump, no one ever saw one do it so we have no idea, they have been seen breaching but jumping out of the water never. So here’s something spectacular and maybe even plosible. But then again for some people, it wouldn’t be spectacular enough, so I decided to give the Blue whale a trainer andd will put him on the tip of the nose of the Blue Whale like trainers do with Killer whales, just so you can imagine how big a blue whale is the bigest was 33 meters (not foot but meters) long, so my trainer won’t be that big in my image. So if I would actually see a guy been puch by the nose of a blue whale jumping out of the water I think I would be really impress and would say I saw something spectacular.

What is great is I’ll be able to push my particle experimentation even further then I did in the past weeks and on top of that give me more experience in whale modeling something i need cause I plan to realise a documentary on whales one of these days (if I ever find the funding)

So good luck to all, I will post my sketches in the next few days.

Now let’s go see who entered already this contest.


Sounds like a spectacular sight to see. Just the sight of a blue whale would be spectacular, and the human trainer would really show its scale. I always wanted to try out GLU3D…maybe one day far in the future.



Ok well this is my concept, I’ve explained it in my previous post.


Welcome here Gerard… I can see you already have a very good idea/concept… great :thumbsup:


Hi Gerard, love your concept! It looks very promising - good luck and have fun!


hullo…welcome again gerard! … thats a wicked one. good luck!:slight_smile:


cool whale :drool: (I tried to draw it for my idea but failed:cry: ) :bounce:


looks like a great whaleride ahead! just came to wish you best of luck and loadsa fun mate! hehe, and enjoy the ride :slight_smile: :beer:


now that is interesting~having a guy standing on the tip of the whale mouth~who would have expected that~nice one.best of luck mate~!:scream:


ça me rappelle mes vacances cette été au Canada !
Une sorte de dresseur de baleine à Tadoussac ! ahah ! :lol:

I think we say “Wallride”… :argh:


cool Idea man! can’t wait to see your model , !!! good luck and have fun!


Been evaluating the stituation and at that size I’m gona choke my machine again with the number of particles I’ll need to generate, I’m gona need lots of layering in composition.

Yikes once again my new theory works, go with the simple idea to find out it will be the hardest.


Good luck…!


Yeah! cool idea. Good luck with your progress! :slight_smile:


Hey Gerard,
Good luck with your entry, will be watching to see what you come up with.




Ok this is to give you an idea of the size fo the whale, mine will be more twisted then straight and more arced, but this is pretty much what I’m planning to do, then biggest pain will be the incredible amount of particles i’ll need to generate because of the size of the final.


Wow, very nice… it will be great :slight_smile: