Spectacular 3D Entry: Geoffrey White


wow…good texture editing and lighting arrangement, can you post your wire frame of light here ?? :beer: really greate work


Sure, I just have to figure out how tell maya to do light wireframes. But I will once I figure it out.


I just finished modeling a person in the foreground who is in awe of what he sees.


Well I finally gave her some wings, these won’t be the final wings of course, but they will serve as nice place holders. I’m not sure whether it would be better to model the wings or just make them bitmaps.
The big question I have to figure out is if this compostion is strong enough.


After submiting the last image I thought that the angel may be to big so I moved her back in the scene a litle.


Well this morning I made wings for her, I still need to work on the feather pattern to make it look more natural, also I plan to pose the people better so they won’t look so stiff. Hopefully with lots of luck I can get this thing to work before I have to turn it in.


Well, in trying to place the two figures in the scene I came to the realization that I couldn’t get them to really add anything to the cathedral, and on top of that they were even detracting from the image because they were blocking beautiful architecture. So I’m playing with a few ideas on having a less prominent human element instead. If I go with this idea it will be an image depicting a monk who has just finished a long and difficult pilgrimage to an ancient cathedral and he is in awe of what he sees. That’s how I’m going to fill once I finish this thing.


The monk walks into the cathedral and a picture is taken right as an earthquake hits.


Well I’ve been having a hard time trying to figure out which direction to take this. Most of my friends think that the cathedral without the monk in it is the best composition, I personally think that the monk adds a nice human element to it. Anyway I thought that I would post my ideas for the final image up here and see what everyone thinks. Idea 1 is just the cathedral, idea 2 is a monk who has just finished a long pilgrimage and is in awe of the cathedral, and the last idea is capturing a picture of the cathedral right before it collapses from an earthquake. I think I’m going to go with the idea 2 but if the cathedral without the monk is as popular then I’ll submit that instead. THanks
for the suggestions.


mmmmh geoffrey i’m agree with the first version…the work on the cathedral is perfect the monk doesn’t looks so good as the background …( is good but the cathedral is more awesome!!) or maybe he need a better pose or more special effects on it …glows…blur…etc…actually the balance between the background & the monk is too ruff…sorry it’s just my opinion don’t pay so much attention…in any case there’s a great work!


Well your probably right, since thats what everyone I talk to says. It may be that I’m to close into the project and I can’t see the forest through the trees. Another possible problem is that my ability to model things is much better than my abilty to model people and so no matter how I place him in the scene he will look faky. Anyway thanks for the advice.


Hey Geoffrey,

Nice job on this :thumbsup: :thumbsup: , Idea one 1 I think is the best . Although idea 2 is good too, the character doesn’t take that much away from the image. Either way you go , you did a great job.
I really like the lighting in this image.:thumbsup:


Great work! I don’t know how I could have missed this … really nice.

I agree with you that a human character would make the scene more intense. I think the pose in the middle comp, 2 - works very well. Perhaps, as Mathieu says, some more detailing added for the monk would be good. Keep going, and good luck :thumbsup:


Good work so far :thumbsup:

IMHO the pose of the character in #2 have great power but the lighting in #3 is more powerful so if you can just play with the light in the pose #2 that will be perfect.

Good luck in this last steps :bounce:


After much tweaking I decided that the best thing to do was to keep the image simple, and leave the characters out of the image. My final concept is spectacular because of the architecture, and the lighting. While it doesn’t live up to my original expectations, i feel that I’ve grown a lot as a 3d artist because of this contest. I’m really happy that the guys at cg society came up with the idea to make a contest like this. Thanks for the support everyone, I hope to see yall in the next contest.


Hey Geoffrey, sorry for just stoping by now, we are some many in this challenge and sometimes there’s just no time to check up all these fantastic works… and yours is certanely one of them.
I love the dramatic felling of your image and I’m truly anxious for the final, so come on man, hurry up, and good luck.


Heres the final image, The story is the cathedral has been abandoned for centuries and dust, and vines have now grown up though the floor, the image is depicting the beauty of nature and architecture.


Awesome interior :eek: I see you removed the characters for the final image and I think it`s a good choice… this interior have enough soul without them :slight_smile:

Good luck for the final vote :bounce:


hey man…great finish and good luck! :thumbsup:


I were gonna suggest just the one monk on his knees in the light of the window as if mourning the loss of this chapel/church environment but yep - definitely much better without the characters. good decision

truly stunning work