Spectacular 3D Entry: Geoffrey White


Nice cath. Good lu:arteest:ck


nice lights ! amazing


Did a little more work like adding in small details, and small ajustments to the lighting. Soon It will be ready for the next step which is to add in the female character I’ve been working on. I think instead of having her praying I’ll make her either an angel or a demon. That would probably make a spectactular event if an angel or demon showed up suddenly.
Also thanks for the encouragement everyone I really appreciate it.


Did a few minor ajustments to the lighting, I’ve taken it about as far as I can for the moment. It still looks unfinished to me but I’m out of energy for right now, so I’ll probably take a break and start working on the characters that will be in the scene. Hopefully once I get it all together I can make it look more finished and balanced.


Excellant work … keep up the great work


this is looking every time better and better, you know what would make more spectacular this escene? A Dove flyng around, that would be great:thumbsup:


Heres a concept sketch for the clothing the girl will be wearing. I don’t know if I mentioned it in my previous posts but my final idea for this will be an angel that has just come down to earth and appeared in an ancient cathedral. It has fallen into disarray and only a few devoted followers still inhabit the place. The picture will depict her in looking at the cathedral while a bunch of suprised and devoted followers stare in amazement at finally seeing the proof of their faith. If any of yall have ideas on how she should look I would greatly appreciate them.


Finally gave my character cloths, still lots of detail work to go.



Excellent job on the cathedral and the lighting looks great too.:wip: The concept you have now is very similar to my master and servant pic although much different in style , good luck with this.


heres my first composition tests.


Well I did more detail texture work on the angel’s dress. Next I will work on her face, and make it look more lifelike.


Nice work here. The texture on the lace part of the dress is fantastic.


spent today trying to clean up the cathedral a little, I think the next thing i’ll do is start adding in some random objects in the foreground.


Beautiful light you have there in your cathedral ! and great modeling too, keep going like this mate, it will look super nice!


fantastic ambient here! congrats geoffrey this is exellent…:arteest:


Thanks for the encouragement, it really helps me out since I’m so tired :slight_smile:


just wonderful man:scream:


I added some small details in the foreground like a skull, and worked on the overall render. Ive taken it as far as I can for now some I’m going to get back to working on the angel girl.


hi. Nice lightening. :thumbsup: Great job done, good luck for the end of this pict.:slight_smile:


Heres the angel in the cathedral, I’m going to add some grovelers in the foreground, and then start working more on her pose and expression relative to grovelers in the foreground. If anyone has any thoughts about my composition idea I would be happy to hear them.