Spectacular 3D Entry: Geoffrey White


Well I took it a little further today. Still not where I want it but getting there.


Love the Lighting…:thumbsup:


Really great job! It is fantastic!


Yeah, the lighting is just gorgeus…


first time seeing this thread! and wow nice rendering the cathedral:thumbsup: … its looking very nice to my eye! love the soft lighting! … is that vine painteffects ?
cheers mate!


Holy guacamole! That cathedral is fantastic… I really like the lighting, it gives it a shadowy feel.


Cool stuff.


wow:eek:. that the only thig i can say…thats espectacular:thumbsup:


Thanks for all the possitive comments I really appreciate them, also to Yuni I did use paint effects on the vines and then I converted them to polys so mental ray could render it. Thanks again everyone for all the support :wink:


If you still need some help with the girl’s anatomy:

That light is turning out great. :thumbsup:


Well I did a few modifications to the cathedral to clean the image up, i think the floor still needs a little work, the stairs near the bottom, also I need to find a better way to bump map the brick walls on the ceiling. I’ll probably try using displacement mapping. If anyone has any ideas I would be happy to hear them.


i like the cathedral very mutch. light is great. :thumbsup:
you only have to tweek some little things. what about a bit more dirt,broken stones or a broken sculptures… :wink:
keep it up.


Great modeling :thumbsup:

I like the idea and the mood.

Good job, keep us updated :bounce:


thats simply beautiful…i hate you:thumbsup:


Every time I look at your updates they just get better and better.


Thanks everyone for the responses, espesially for the idea to add some more broken stones and such.


Well I started working on giving my female character clothing, and on working on her position in the scene. I think I’m going to make my concept a woman praying in a magnificant cathedral. The gargoyle statue will simply be part of the piller looking down at her. I hope this fits the idea of spectacular, after all it’s not giant robots smashing up the city, or something like that. I hope I will have the ability to make this spectacular in more suptle ways.


Well I didn’t think the previous cathedral was good enough, so I started over and built a similiar one from scratch, it still needs a lot of work but hopefully it will come together.


dude…i hate you…i hate you so very much…arrrgggghhh…!"#%&/& amazing work:drool:


That’s Very Good…hope you make it to the final