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Hi gardogg
Glad to see on board
All the best wishes for this…


hey, good luck and thanks for the hint!! :smiley:


Okay, my idea is to create an image portraying something that I believe would have been a truly spectacular sight in the Bible. I want to create the scene where Jesus casts out thousands of demons from a guy who was demon possesed. The story of this happening can be found in Matthew, Mark, and Luke in the New Testament of the Bible. The details vary slightly from one version to the next, but the story is overall consistent.

The Story:
The scene took place on the shore of Galilee. Jesus exited his boat and was met by a demon-possessed man who fell down on his knees at Jesus feet and asked Jesus what he wants with him and begged Jesus not to torture him - for Jesus had commanded the evil spirit to come out of the man. Jesus asked him what his name was and the man said that his name was Legion, for many demons had entered him. The demons then begged Jesus not to send them into the abyss but rather to let them enter into a nearby feeding herd of pigs (2,000 pigs). So Jesus agreed to this and cast them out of the man. The demons entered into the herd of pigs and the pigs all ran down the steep hillside and drowned themselves in the sea of Galilee.

Some Details:
The man was said to be naked at the time and had cuts and bruises all over himself from the self-mutilation that he had done in his madness. He also was said to have broken through chains - the townspeople had cuffed him and chained him hand and foot. So I’m thinking that in my image he will have broken chains hanging from his arms and feet.

This scene was hard for me to picture very clearly but I have been developing my ideas and sketches for a couple of days now and I think I’m onto something. I will be posting the sketches once I get a chance to clean them up a little in photoshop. Right now I’ve got nothing but a bunch of chicken scratch. :wink:

The hard part about this is that there has to be a large number of pigs in view, but hopefully some close enough so you can see some detail. There also has to be hundreds of demons in the air and a few still in the process of exiting the man. There also has to be the sea in view, possibly Jesus’ boat, Jesus, and the possessed man. In addition, I have to make some witnesses (those who were tending the sheep at the time saw all of this). This is gonna be a sick job. Very cool and inspiring but also very overwhelming! I’m going all out though. NO FEAR. I’m gonna do whatever it takes to get this sucker completed by December. I’m gritting my teeth and rolling up my sleeves as we speak! Oh, and it doesn’t help that I’m pretty much a noob at everything 3d and/or computer related. So wish me luck!

Here’s the scripture to go with the story for anyone interested in reading it:


hey gardogg, wow, thats a big thing you`re going to undertake!!
and good luck with your homework :wink:


Thanks zongo. I’m excited to get this underway. The impossible feat! I’m busting hump to get my homework and stuff done so that I can create some time for myself to get to work on this thing.


Here I am trying to capture the pose and emotion of Jesus as he is casting the demons out of the possessed man. I’m trying to keep my sketches pretty basic so that I won’t waste too much time on them.


Here is a sketch of the suffering demon possessed man. I am not sure whether this will be his final pose… Once again, trying to keep my sketches quick and simple for time reasons.


Here I am attempting to figure out the overall layout of this incredibly complex scene. It looks a little confusing right now, but hey, as long as I know what’s going on, right? LOL. I may just call the sketches quits with this one so that I can begin creating and blocking out shapes in Maya.


It’s looking good! If you need some reference for the legion of demons being expelled, might I suggest looking at some of Gustav Dore’s work. He did a whole set of engravings for Dante’s Inferno and they might help you get the look you are going for. Just a suggestion. Keep up the good work!


Thanks! I checked out his stuff and I think it will help me with respect to organizing the massive amounts of demons flying through the air. These two works of his stuck out:


Despite my willingness to use his techniques, I do feel that his way of protraying things is a little “glitzy” or stylized too much for my tastes. But… I think these can be of some use for me so thanks again!


Deleted - messed up something…


Here is the overhead layout of my scene (with labels).


This is roughly the terrain and perspective that I’m going for. With this view, I believe that I will be able to accurately portray the pigs (2,000 of em) running down the hill, Jesus, the possessed man, part of the boat Jesus arrived on, the background mountains, part of the lake, and a sky full of demons. It was not easy for me to figure out a way to get all of those elements in! But I think I’ve got it now… This perspective should work.


sorry, double post… :smiley:


holy cr**!! if you manage to catch a fraction of the mood in your reference pictures, this will really turn out impressive! i hope youre up to it :slight_smile:
but i saw your quarter horse. looks good, so i think you can do it! i have to start working on my horse soon, the whole scene depends on how the horses look :sad: .


Thanks zongo, I still am not done with that horse but I’ll get around to it eventually. Good luck on your horses!

I’m chugging away on my project here so I’ll just do my best… I don’t know how much of the quality of the reference pictures I can capture. Happy modeling :wink:


I agree with zongo. An interesting concept, great pictures…it’ll be very awesome if you can capture that feel into your scene. Good luck! :slight_smile:


Good luck to you too


Very interesting concept you have got there, and probably one of the hardest to execute concepts around at the moment. I feel sorry for the little pigs :). Anyway, Good Luck! I am really looking forward to seeing this challenge evolve.