Spectacular 3D Entry: Fotis Tsantilas


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Good luck and most of all ,have fun everyone:bounce: :slight_smile: .


Year 3000, the most spectacular event is VA(virtual arena), instead of proposal men must win their beloved ones in this crazy speed race in onder to get married. I ll propably make more sketches to figure out how the track is going to look like.
Any c&c is always welcome.


heheheheh what happens if the groom looses? :twisted: I like your sketch a lot, reminds me a little bit of Tron :scream:


I like the idea man! I’d exagerate the perspective view much more :smiley:


anim_ziggy: i guess no race no marriage ,thanks

DDS: i might change the perspective or maybe angle later.


Nice skech man
good luck for u!:thumbsup:
c ya


hehe funny and a superb concept! keep it up man!:thumbsup:


Hey man, I like the base of your set up, but to get to the SPECTACULAR I think you could add a bit more to the action, so far itseems they’re racing/riding… ok, it’s cool. But something more should happen I think, maybe one of them is more in front, bumping the side and loosing control of his vehicle and the other one is preparing to either avoid or simply hit ? or maybe they’re racing dirty and doing whatever nasty trick they can come up with to win ? …I do see some bad intention in the girl’s eyes, but it’s still too suggestive so far, maybe you should show more what’s gonna happen than simply suggest something’s gonna happen. My 2 cents, keep it up anyway, nice sketch!




This one will be a hit with the girls! :smiley:

I agree that one of the “cars” (the one on the left?) should be a little behind, trying to catch up. It would add a bit more action, I think.

Good luck!


Hey thanks for the comments and suggestions
: i m still trying to visualize something cool and i ll try and give a funny feel to this one.Maybe the girl will hold flowers with one hand and the bike with the other.Thanks for your sugg. really cool and i ll post something as soon as possible.To make it more spectacular i ll make some reporter bots to get the event.:scream:


Man this is an awesome idea and I think that it could solve many problems when people are forced to get married and not want to… :thumbsup:

I can’t wait to see more man !! The view of the sketch is great… Be careful of what you will show as background and not making much attraction to the eye… you know what I mean… :bounce:


i ve made this little reporter robot and a fast rig,its going to record the race and still needs some more tweaking.I ll add some cables and maybe little details to it.Any c&c are always welcome.


Yeah,Cool concept!:Di just dont know,this robot is which one of those racing machines?!:smiley:
very neat modelling!:thumbsup: goodluck,


A reporter bot! Nice idea and good modeling :slight_smile: . I’m watching this!



great concept Fotis, Great modelling as well. Keep it up . Good luck with the challenge :smiley:


This is nice. I like your bot, nice modeling there. Good luck.


Reporter bot? Thats very cool! Some cables will be perfect, but as background element looks done to me.



hey that robot is cool! looks unique and great modeling


hey, glad u like it so far.As soon as possible(get control over my life:scream: ) i ll send more updates with this guy and i m also working on the “bike” concept.